Month: December 2012


There is this Christmas children’s song I used to sing a lot when I was small: “Christmas is coming Baba buy shoe for me Oyaya oyaya oyaya” NB: Please don’t laugh too much at this testimony. It’s funny, but it means a lot to me, please respect my feelings. I don’t know who remembers it but I really loved it then. I would remove the shoe part and continue to sing it interchanging the shoe for anything I wanted. I would go on and on singing by faith. I’d sing until I was tired or came to the reality...

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About 3weeks ago, on Saturday, 1st December, 2012, during the National Sports Festival at Unilag; I learnt that the Olympic standard swimming pool was now opened to the public so I decided to go check it out. Having gathered information already about the poor structure, maintenance and all that, I decided to wear my trunk from home and wore my clothes over. On getting there, I simply removed my clothes and kept them in my bag, including my wallet and my phone. There was no locker room or anything like that so I kept my bag on a white...

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You know it’s funny but i just realised that today is 12-12-12, this is my prayer on this day, please personalize it and decree upon your lives, It is written that whatever i decree shall be established in heaven, therefore, I claim every natural and supernatural, ordinary and extraordinary blessings, favours, breakthroughs, goodwill, testimonies, victories, good news, and every good and blessed thing attributable to the significance of this day in the name of Jesus. YOU WILL NEVER PASS ME BY IN THE NAME OF JESUS, AMEN!!! and every negativity, death, bad luck, destruction, demotion, stagnancy, poverty, bondage, spell,...

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