Month: October 2013


Sometimes, there’s just nothing more left to say about an issue, but the circumstances still haunt us so dearly that we just can’t keep quiet. Reality has dawned on many today as the body of a friend, daughter, cousin and sister was laid to rest; tears rolling down the eyes as the body went down the aisle. Crying and wailing, a father broken down, a mother torn apart, a sister cut asunder, a friend heartbroken and a passerby confused; she has fallen, she is fallen down. “She is not the one, no she can’t be, it doesn’t look like...

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Exactly this day last week, Monday the 14th of October, 2013, I took a devastating hit that shook me seriously. I’ve got to confess, Satan is no joke and he does know his business inside out. I’ve really got to give him kudos for that. First Hit The day started beautifully and ended worse than the effect of an earthquake and tsunami put together. I started my day in prayer and I went on praising the Lord. You see, it’s not like I was even expecting anything, there was nothing to expect, I was just going in for an...

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Religious doctrines and belief systems have really done more harm than good in the world today. Even in the days of old and in Biblical times, these religious doctrines and laws even turned out to be a weapon of scam in the hands of the people to deceive God, but of course, you can’t deceive God, amateurs! (Isaiah 29:13). All God has always wanted is a one-on-one relationship with us where He talks to us and relates with us on a personal basis. Guys, have you ever been with a woman who couldn’t assimilate and you just kept doing...

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This is an immediate spiritual response and a strong evidence of what I was talking about in yesterday’s post “Anxiety Doesn’t Pay” and it happened this morning. You see, even as I was writing it, I knew that the Holy Spirit was also talking to me because one way or the other, we all have our different and unique situations at hand. In this context, it was the car key that decided to go rogue. Lost but not Found The key decided to go rogue last week Saturday in conjunction with our little baby. It was on Sunday morning...

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Let me start by saying presdisimo that the demonic crincum crancum, or if you like, the satanic higi haga has all the trappings of an odoriferous saga, cum-gaga twan-gaga and I am maniacally bewildered that the answers to our many questions are always easily lurking around us but we humans don’t feel it should be that simple; ask Patrick Obahiagbon, he will tell you. We expect that we have to use all the words in the dictionary and God knows where else before we can make a complete sentence, we expect that we have to carry out an Ultimate...

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