Month: June 2014


Sometimes I just don’t understand how a matter would be very clear, and yet everybody except you won’t see the truth and judge rightly. And then they’ll all turn the attention to you as the enemy and the one at fault; and you just want to go crazy. Well, I always go crazy especially when dealing with close relations whom I can easily express my hurt and hot displeasure against. The worst is how people just open their mouths and start judging, finding faults and talking nonsense, while they have huge beams in their own eyes (Matthew 7:3). But...

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One day, I looked back at my life and everything I had achieved and I was able to formulate an equation that summed me up: Mx-G³=0; Where: M=Man (Myself), x=My achievements, and G³=The Hand of God in the operations of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (which can also be summed up to Grace). This means that once you remove G³ (Grace) from Mx (Me with all my achievements), I am nothing (Zero). In essence, the increase of me with the decrease or removal of God is equal to zero. This I will prove thus:READ  NEW YEAR...

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