Month: July 2014


In the last episode, we talked about a lady who cheated me and sold me inferior shoes, not just using the scam that she was a Christian, but that she was even participating in a hundred (100) days fast, proclaiming “to God are mine!” mscheeew! I’m hissing as if I didn’t fall victim. This episode is just another evidence that our Christianity would be judged by our love for God and one another, and our fruits. If anybody comes to you in name of Jesus or in the name of church member or brother in Christ to take from you, beware o! The Great Ephren Taylor I won’t waste words here because my aim is not to be judge over the matter, even though the evidence from the video is clear and the reactions of the culprits say it all. From the facts of the video, the above-named “was the son of a preacher who told believers he could revolutionalize their finances… He was charged by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) with running what they call a Ponzi scheme, saying he preyed on those church goers who gave him their trust in over eleven (11) million dollars” and the SEC couldn’t find him. When converted to naira, we are talking of close to two (2) billion naira. He was innocently (I guess) introduced by some of the top...

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This episode is yet another dream experience that vividly played out before my very eyes; like play, like play. The truth is that I’ve been having dreams, but not mostly revelational dreams of things that will happen. So when I had this dream on Saturday, I didn’t attach any importance to it because there was no danger. It really didn’t make much sense, but it played out exactly as it was revealed to me the next day (Sunday). The Dream I had a dream, and in this dream, I was driving to church. On my way to church, I...

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