Month: September 2014


I want to testify to the goodness and mercies of the Lord for making a way where there literally was no way, and that way led to plenty. I should have shared this testimony a long time ago, but it’s never too late. A Sad Tale A few months back, I was faced with a very painful and impossible situation mixed with injustice and wickedness. It was so bad, that I actually lost a couple of domains and was even at the verge of losing this site which is one of the important things – if not the most...

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Today, we would be discussing on why it is very important to stay as far away from judges as possible. There is a very big scam going on in Christianity and that is the scam of judgment and condemnation used to play on the liberty of true Christians, to cage them into the bondage of guilt and sin, by which they will never feel worthy to make certain advancements in life. This scam is also used to dictate the present and future of these Christians using their past, by which they can never amount to anything outside what these...

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Ebola has now become the talk of the day, even Boko Haram has not gotten this kind of attention, they must be so jealous of the virus right now. They had to bomb and bomb just to get everyone’s attention, but here’s a virus that has become a celebrity overnight in Nigeria just by affecting one person at the time. What is happening is simple, all sicknesses and diseases are from the devil, including this one, but one of the devil’s major weapons is fear! It is very evident that Satan is behind this, but it is rather shameful...

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