Month: January 2018

Judges 4: Names of Noise Makers

Happy New Year once again, and welcome to your year of whatever you want it to be. So we’ve been talking about the act of judging others for some time now. By God’s grace, the recent tithing debate has further exposed how easy it is for so-called Christians to judge and condemn others. It just reminds me of a particular event that occurred in primary school when the class captain was asked to write names of noise makers. Names of Noise Makers: A Historical Background There was this very annoying, but fun practice we did in primary and secondary...

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2018: Major Distractions to Avoid This New Year

The legendary 2017 has come and gone in grand style. A year filled with so many shenanigans, mishaps and controversies. Enemies were made, and new alliances were formed. After doing an audit of 2017, it was discovered that all those things were just distractions. They were well planned distractions by the enemy to divert our attention from God’s plan and blessings upon our lives. By God’s grace, New Year 2018 is here and we along with it. Let’s briefly look into the major distractions to avoid for the fulfillment of the glory of 2018. 2017 and Its Shenanigans 2017...

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