Exactly this day last week, Monday the 14th of October, 2013, I took a devastating hit that shook me seriously. I’ve got to confess, Satan is no joke and he does know his business inside out. I’ve really got to give him kudos for that.

First Hit

The day started beautifully and ended worse than the effect of an earthquake and tsunami put together. I started my day in prayer and I went on praising the Lord. You see, it’s not like I was even expecting anything, there was nothing to expect, I was just going in for an appointment and that was it. If there was anything to expect, it would be the outcome of the appointment. I was relaxed and just listened to music and sang praises all along. I really couldn’t think of any possible thing that could go wrong. The kind of disappointment and evil I received was devastating and confusing at the same time. I was like Jesus on the cross who was mocked and taunted to save himself on the cross after saving others. I kept my calm, thanked God for the situation and walked away. I went to my office, packed my bag and took the day off, as I knew the news would probably spread and I wasn’t ready for hypocrites, bad wishers and condolence visits.

Second Hit

Of course, a disappointment like that is not easy to just rub off, this had gotten to another level. It was like the devil brought the battle to me head on; I’ve never experienced anything like that before. Anyways, just as I was trying to manage the situation – even though I wasn’t doing too well because this was new – I got one of the most devastating calls I’ve ever gotten in my entire life time; my friend, my love and my sister in the Lord was gone. She died around the same time I was dealing with what had happened to me. An earthquake and a tsunami on the same day!


A Beauty Straight from Above

She was the most beautiful and gorgeous woman I’ve ever met in my life and I loved her so much. When she walked, people gazed in awe, she walked with so much grace; and when she talked, people paid abject attention, she spoke with so much grace and wisdom. She was beautifully and fearfully made. We talked about everything, I trusted her with my darkest secrets, we confessed our sins one to another and we challenged each other Biblically. I’ve never experienced such love and fellowship as we had in my life. Everyday was a new spiritual experience, we challenged each other on faith and so many spiritual subjects and experiences, and we always arrived at fruitful conclusions; I longed to see her and fellowship with her everyday. You could see the truth in her eyes and her smile was heavenly, she was like a wife; that’s how much I cherished her. I actually had no doubts within me, it just didn’t make sense for anything to go wrong, all I was expecting was her healing and God taking all the glory. I would fall asleep and the only thing I would have the strength to say was “Lord, please perfect her healing”.


And She’s Just Gone

Devastating hitYou see, she had breast cancer and due to the late diagnosis (after wrong diagnosis) as a result of the poor health care system and doctors we have in Nigeria, she was diagnosed at Stage III. In less than two months, it entered the last stage. So we had been seeking and praying to God for her healing. She was a strong believer and I believe she went the farthest length in seeking the Lord alongside getting medical attention.

I got the call from her sister who knew how close we were and I immediately forgot the disappointment I had earlier in the day. The reality still didn’t dawn on me as it was a devastating blow and all I could see and hear was blurs and noise until the next morning I went to their house to pay a condolence visit to the family. It was then that the reality dawned on me, she was really gone. It hit me really hard, this was someone I really loved so much. This was someone who trusted in God and had total faith in Him. This went against everything I believed and all the promises of God; it hit me so hard, I’m still recovering.


A Call to Prayer

There are lots of people out there, young men and women lavishing in the lusts of their riches and countenance; beauty does fade away, we are really but dust and all is confirmed vanity.

It still doesn’t make any sense at all, God has a lot of questions to answer, if He likes, let Him not answer now, but we have a whole eternity to bombard Him with our questions in heaven; after all, He gave us His word that He will wipe away every tear from our eyes.

Please pray for her family, her father, her mother and her siblings, give them the best you’ve got, they lost a child and a sister just in her late 20’s (So young).

It was a devastating hit, but we have no choice than to keep on fighting till the end.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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