Let me start by saying presdisimo that the demonic crincum crancum, or if you like, the satanic higi haga has all the trappings of an odoriferous saga, cum-gaga twan-gaga and I am maniacally bewildered that the answers to our many questions are always easily lurking around us but we humans don’t feel it should be that simple; ask Patrick Obahiagbon, he will tell you.

We expect that we have to use all the words in the dictionary and God knows where else before we can make a complete sentence, we expect that we have to carry out an Ultimate Search before we find anything, we expect that we have to read hundreds of Christian books and listen to thousands of men of God before we can hear from God, we even say that readers are leaders; well, these are all fallacies. Even the president of Nigeria has a PhD and that makes him a leader right? While one of the best presidents (if not the best) that Nigeria has ever had, having served the longest tenure ever in the history of the country went to school after a leaving power with a failed third term attempt. If there is one thing I have realized from the whole Bible, it is the fact that everything in life has always been simple, it is man that chose to make things difficult for himself.

Be Anxious for Nothing

AnxietyBy the special grace of God, I am one person, who always tries to listen to what God is saying through almost every situation and it’s amazing how simple life can be when we are anxious for nothing and cast all our cares on Him (1 Peter 5:7). This thing is very simple and I’ll give you many scenarios that prove my point:

1.    Job Applications

I was just another job seeker when I finished school, being tossed to and fro, jam-packed with other thousands of job seekers, being made to wait under the sun just to get a job with a zero security level. I had written so many aptitude tests and failed all (Imagine! Like I’m a dumbass). In each aptitude test, there were battalions of people; I mean thousands of people also applying for that same job. For each job application and aptitude test, I prayed seriously and did night vigils. Also, for each aptitude test, I read and practised. The most annoying part is that these companies won’t even tell you that you were unsuccessful, you’re just not worth the effort (I don’t blame them; honestly it is painful, LOL).

The more I was anxious to get a job, the more the whole process repeated itself; but something happened, I noticed a strange pattern. Each time I didn’t give a damn, I would even be called for an interview. I never opened a book or practised for a test again and I would pass that test. I wouldn’t apply for a job and I would be invited for the test and pass it. One of the most difficult aptitude tests, 100% tougher than KPMG or any other, which thousands will never have the opportunity of writing; was attempted by me without even applying. I didn’t open a book or say a single prayer, in reverse, I even was sure of my failure and went to fail; I passed that test. I am telling you, for each test I failed, I did night vigil before and after I took the test. Look! I never passed any that I prayed for. The ones I passed were the ones I never prayed for, all I said was “Lord, let Your will be done”. I got a job when I stopped going to church to pray for one and write prayer requests. I didn’t even apply or follow any process. In fact, I haven’t stepped my leg into that particular church again. To cap it up, the last job I ever applied for, I was forced to apply for it. I passed the test without even practising or praying for it. I passed the interview and at the end, I prayed to God not to get the job because I had seen the light.


2.    Women and Relationships

I never got any woman that I chased but I’ve gotten every woman that I ever wanted without chasing them. The moment I stopped trying to get them or convince them, they flocked around me in herds. In fact, the tables have turned around; I am now the one being chased; and that’s all you need to know about that, LOL. Life is so simple and beautiful, but we are the ones that like wahala (Trouble)! So guys, if that girl is acting tough and playing hard to get, don’t worry, just come to me and I’ll give you the key(s) (if her heart has many padlocks) to her heart, LOL!!!

3.    Meeting People

You meet the people that really matter when you don’t look for them or manipulate the occasion; they find you. I mean the kind of people that I have met in this life, it’s just so amazing; for me to have an Auditor-General in the country as my friend? Come on! Through swimming alone, I have met people of different races and high calibre but all I went to do was just swim. When you allow God to plan your day, it’s just amazing the kind of people you stumble into and when you allow God to plan your life, it’s just amazing the kind of person you will become.

4.    Gifts, Dreams and Aspirations

I recently listened to “Limbo Rock” by Chubby Checker and I just fell in love with the melody again. I never heard the actual song in my life before then, but the melody has always been in my heart since I was a child. The song is so simple and lovely, Chubby Checker was just doing his thing not giving a damn about his voice or anything, and that song has played in my heart and the hearts of millions for decades now. David wrote majority of the Psalms in the Bible and they simply portrayed his heart; but humanity today will tell you that you have to go to music school before you can write what is on your heart, all the words have to rhyme, it has to be like this and like that. The Bible tells us that all scripture is inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16) but humanity today would only believe the person who went to Bible School and has a PhD. Jesus had no degree or Bible certification, all he had was the scriptures and the will of God. Today, Christianity is failing woefully because majority of its practitioners won’t just do what Jesus said. They will give you a format you must follow to be a successful writer or else, your work will not be published; when it’s not necessarily about the format but the message. Thanks to Blogger and WordPress, you can now say what you want to say and do your thing. You don’t need anybody’s permission to accomplish your dreams, just do your thing and leave the rest to God.


5.    Spiritual Visitation

This has turned out to be one of the greatest aspects that have gotten people crazy today all in the name of hearing and receiving from God. People do all sorts of things even to the point of sleeping with the so-called prophet. It is even better if the prophet and the member were having an affair, then we know they are just committing adultery, but to sleep with the man in the name of prayer or deliverance, you must be silly! I remember a church where late comers were given ten strokes of the cane, adults for that matter! Fathers and mothers subjecting themselves to flogging all because the “Man of God” decreed so. It was not until he set them on fire that he was finally arrested. When I am not mad! When I am still in my correct senses! Me! Cane? Where do you even want to find me in the first place? This is the extent people have gone just in search of God, when He is just beside them knocking, asking to be allowed in.

Majority of the revelations and inspirations I’ve ever gotten where given to me when I stopped asking and worrying, and just lived my life for God. In fact, do your research, in the Bible, many of the men and women of valour were just doing their thing, doing what was right and loving their God before God manifested Himself to them. It is very simple, whatever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive and that settles it (Mark 11:24). Jesus said in Matthew 7:7,

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”

When you look at that verse, you can see that asking is a one-time event for each situation. Ask and then receive, simple! Jesus didn’t say ask and just keep asking, he said ask once, believe that you receive and it shall be give to you. When you ask and believe, you leave the matter alone and let God do His thing, that is when you’ll start noticing that you didn’t do anything and things just started working for your good. You would even forget that you actually prayed for those things once upon a time.


6.    Random and Miscellaneous Events

Have you ever noticed that you achieve the most difficult targets unconsciously? You make blind shots when you don’t try, then when you start consciously trying, you do woefully. Whenever I want to dispose of waste, I like to aim at the waste bin rather than just putting it in. I have made the craziest dustbin shots when I just randomly tossed the waste in the basket. When I tried to replicate it, it was bad! I was watching a news reporter on the internet making a live broadcast in the middle of a basketball court and after he was done, he just randomly threw the ball over his head behind him and it went straight into the basket. He didn’t know what he had just done; all he knew was that the camera man and the crew around him had their mouths open looking at him in awe, telling him what he had just done. There are lots and lots of other things that we achieve unconsciously and I know you are a witness to that.


Philippians 4:6 says,

 “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

This is the summary of the whole matter; it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t make any efforts in life or try doing anything, but there is a big difference when we hand over everything to God and just do our own parts. God told Gideon to reduce the men from 32,000 to 300 as seen in Judges 7:1-7 and the Dreams Come True series, episode 14 titled: “300”. All Gideon did was do what he was told and God did the rest. Did you know that all Gideon and the 300 men did was blow trumpets (Judges 7:18-22)?

Proverbs 13:15 tells us that

 “Good understanding giveth favour: but the way of transgressors is hard.”

Who is the transgressor? The one who goes against the plan of God (I don’t mean me o!), and what is God’s plan (me! LOL)? In this context, it is that we cast all our cares upon Him because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7) and trust in Him with all our heart leaning not on our own understanding, acknowledging Him in all our ways and allowing Him to direct our paths (Proverbs 3:5).

Stop thinking and caring too much, stop being anxious today, just do your thing, hand everything over to God and watch Him work His magic upon your life.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2013 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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