Author: Godsplan Uzoaga

Judges 4: Names of Noise Makers

Happy New Year once again, and welcome to your year of whatever you want it to be. So we’ve been talking about the act of judging others for some time now. By God’s grace, the recent tithing debate has further exposed how easy it is for so-called Christians to judge and condemn others. It just reminds me of a particular event that occurred in primary school when the class captain was asked to write names of noise makers. Names of Noise Makers: A Historical Background There was this very annoying, but fun practice we did in primary and secondary...

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2018: Major Distractions to Avoid This New Year

The legendary 2017 has come and gone in grand style. A year filled with so many shenanigans, mishaps and controversies. Enemies were made, and new alliances were formed. After doing an audit of 2017, it was discovered that all those things were just distractions. They were well planned distractions by the enemy to divert our attention from God’s plan and blessings upon our lives. By God’s grace, New Year 2018 is here and we along with it. Let’s briefly look into the major distractions to avoid for the fulfillment of the glory of 2018. 2017 and Its Shenanigans 2017...

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Leave Daddy Freeze Alone: A Critic of the Christian Community

I recently stumbled upon another ignorant post judging and condemning Daddy Freeze (Ifedayo Olurinde) as unfit and unclean to speak on the things of God. Many highly esteemed church pastors and General Overseers (GOs) have risen up against Daddy Freeze, some raining all sorts of curses (causeless curses which shall not stand – Proverbs 26:2) on him because he called pastors out for collecting tithes – with scripture, and asked them to simply defend their positions with scripture (although in an attacking and somewhat insulting approach). I believe the Christian community is wrong for their condemnation and unchrist-like treatment...

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Day by day, Christians are deviating from the Gospel, and inventing their own signature brands. Church members regard the words of their pastors and General Overseers (G.O.s) more sacred than the word of God itself. Consequently, there seems to be no end to unbiblical doctrines, manipulated and wrongly interpreted scriptures and ecclesiastical fallacies. Today, we’ll be discussing on the fallacy of angels marking church attendance. CHURCH ATTENDANCE REGISTER 1 Earlier this year, my family, other relatives and well-wishers travelled to say our last goodbyes to our grandma who went to be with the Lord at a ripe old age....

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I recently went for a friend’s wedding and I experienced one of the most thrilling and fulfilling moments of my life. Having found myself on a table filled with alleged wedding crashers and suspected village girls in bend-down-select city apparels and Joker looking makeup, seeking innocent husband materials (like yours truly) to devour, I thought it was all over for me. But in that moment, as my life flashed before my eyes, came light as plates of food with different sizes of meat were served. Chicken Sized Meat So waiter brings two plates of food to the table. One...

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