Yesterday night I had a dream and it was about a group of kidnapped girls. I know episodes in this series are supposed to involve dreams and their actualizations, and I personally don’t share my dreams except for the purpose of this series; but if this dream in any way is connected to the kidnapped Chibok girls, it becomes a call for more prayer and encouragement that they will be found and rescued.

The Dream

Chibok girls 2I can’t remember all the events in details as there seemed to be a switch in settings and context; but the context concerning the kidnap was pretty clear. In the dream, there seemed to be a hint of kidnapping activities that would possibly take place. All of a sudden, it turned out the kidnap had taken place and all I know is a lady I knew was kidnapped and I was searching for her and trying to trace the tracks. Then it seemed like another girl was with me in the search or something.


As we searched and traced through the streets, we started seeing dead snakes by the road side. They were of all sizes, small, medium and even big snakes, just lying around dead and mutilated. Then it seemed like we got to a big building, it was either a cathedral, mosque or a school. We penetrated in and there were people who seemed to be working with the kidnappers moving around and relaxing like it was a joint or something. I think there was combat between us at some point but we finally got to a hall where there were hundreds of young girls and ladies seated like they were unconscious or drugged. They were just there like they didn’t know where they were.

I then saw a lady I knew and I rescued her and then the setting changed.

Interpretation and Summary

Chibok girls 3As we were about to start morning devotion, I just remembered that there were hundreds of kidnapped girls in the dream held in a hall and I remembered the Chibok girls. We have been remembering them in our prayers and I personally always make sure to include them whenever I lead the prayers, thanking God because they are located and rescued. I also claimed the victory in the dream and thanked God for their rescue.


I believe those dead snakes of all sizes along the road to their location signifies that the angels of the Lord are at work smiting and exposing the members of the Boko Haram network at all levels in the government up to the insurgents themselves on the field. I also believe that those girls represent the kidnapped girls and that they will be located ad rescued in no time.

If this means anything, let us continue to remember them in our prayers, and thank God for their location and rescue; and by the grace of GOd, this dream will come true.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga

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