Today, I’ll be talking on diligence from an inspirational perspective, and I’m going to try and wrap this up in as few lines as possible (well, I said I’ll try). One of the devil’s means of getting at us is through discouragement, especially when our good efforts are not necessarily yielding the kind of returns we expected. The first point of call would then be to stop, since there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. In this context, I am talking about the pursuance of one’s God-given dreams, visions and ideas. We face different situations and occurrences that discourage us from continuing in our vision, but hasn’t it ever occurred to you that, if there were no true glory, especially when you are really following your heart and not just being a copycat, you wouldn’t be discouraged in the first place? Therefore, all the devil wants is for you to let that thing get to you and overwhelm you, and then finally quit. That is the point when you need to continue, that is the point where diligence comes in. As funny as it seems, “Pinky and the Brain” is a perfect example of diligence as you can see above. They are perfect examples of people (sorry, mice!) who never give up.

The Secret behind Discouragement

This thing is very simple, where there is discouragement; just know that there is great glory that lies ahead. That is my own theory. Like I said, I am talking about the pursuance of God-given dreams, visions and strong ideas, not foolish or insignificant ambitions. If you are a serious guy, the fact that you chase a girl and she doesn’t agree, telling you, you don’t have money, doesn’t mean there is any glory in getting that girl. That should rather tell you that there is glory in you, you shouldn’t go any further with such a girl, but focus on that glory that is being diminished, work on it, continue and you will break through. That same girl will only live to regret for the rest of her life (probably). One way or the other, discouragements are just devices of the devil to make you stop doing what you’re doing in line with God’s will.

Behind any form of discouragement in the pursuance of dreams, there is a hint of the glory that lies ahead. It is not possible for the devil to allow you to break through just like that. He hates you with perfect hatred, he knows how bright your future is, yet he knows he can’t touch you, so what does he do? He discourages you, messes with your mind and makes you fail by your own hands. The moment during the course of your journey, either at the start, or at any point, you experience discouragements, just keep going, don’t you dare stop.


In Matthew 16:21-23, we would see when the devil even entered Peter just to discourage Jesus from continuing with his assignment, but Jesus immediately rebuked him and continued. Imagine if Jesus had allowed that get to him, he wouldn’t have gone ahead with the sufferings of the cross and we wouldn’t be Christians and children of God today. He continued and now, he sits at the right hand of God mediating for our sins.

Just Continue

DiligenceDiligence simply means persistence in doing something. Proverbs 22:29 says, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” This is the gospel truth. The point is that you just need to continue doing what you’re doing, whether good or bad, but as long as you have an ambition; you must not give up. Revelation 22:11 says,

“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

So you see, even the Bible encourages diligence in both good and bad doings, the most important thing is you must be ready for the corresponding reward. What you sow is what you reap.

Let me tell you something that happened to me in 2009. God had just given me a new song, I had developed it, finished it and recorded it with my tape recorder. I then went to someone very close to me, my blood, to listen and talk about my music ministry. This person said something to me that I can never forget, even though it’s no longer of any significance whatsoever. These were the exact words of this person, “You that you sound like a frog”. Ah!!! Me? Sound like a frog? Coming from that person, the next thing was for me to be discouraged and even curse God right? But do you know what happened instead? I went to my room, shut the door, took my keyboard (which I didn’t even know how to play, but I could get the sounds, beats and rhythms that I needed) and started writing new songs and singing out of anger. Even though I was hurt, I knew I didn’t sound like a frog, I knew it was all a scam of discouragement, the person didn’t even listen to the song before passing such judgment. That very night, I wrote three new songs in retaliation and I haven’t stopped writing and singing since that time. I even composed the song sang by the choir which I directed at my sister’s wedding in 2011. The more I sang, the better I became; the more I made myself available, the more songs the Holy Spirit gave me. It even got to a stage that so many songs will come and I would have to suppress them because they were too much for me to handle.


The same person that the devil tried using to discourage me in 2009, heard one of my songs in 2012 and said, “Godsplan, 2013, I am facing your music” I have been writing and singing to the point that by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I now even also write and sing in tongues. I can’t even mention how many songs I have written by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, you won’t believe me if I did. Should I tell you something funny? Every of my personal praise and worship sessions with God mostly comprises 95% of the songs God gave me, in fact, basically 95% of the songs I sing to God are personal. There was a time I was meant to lead praises in a congregation and I went blank, all that was in my mind was my own songs which I definitely couldn’t sing publicly. Now, God has put new songs in my mouth. There was a time I didn’t even want to make them public by recording and releasing them, because it had gotten so personal between me and my God. I am outrightly telling you that I have never stopped writing and singing, and the devil has never tried me again in that respect. Now, what would have happened if I had let that discouragement get into me and gave in? I would be nothing today. Am I trying to brag? Of course not, I can’t even brag about something that nobody knows about. I am just giving you the power of continuance and doggedness especially in counter retaliation against discouragement.


As long as the Holy Spirit is in you, whenever the enemy will come like a flood, the Spirit in you will up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19). Just don’t stop. Just continue. Kenneth Hagin said, when the devil realizes that you are not ready to stop, he leaves you alone. It’s relatively true. The moment you stop, you give room for defeat. Whatever it is, just don’t stop, keep pressing on, keep pushing on, your glory awaits you. Is it your exams? I know of a lecturer who failed his ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria) exams 11 times before he finally passed. The more you press on, the stronger and better you become, and the closer you are to your glory.


I don’t need anybody to know who I am, I know who I am and I AM knows me. I used the story above because that was a big time discouragement. It is different if a producer tells you he can’t produce you, you can simply go to another one; but when your own blood tells you that you sound like a frog, that’s not funny at all.

When you continue in your good works, it will get to a point that it gets personal, it’s no longer about the achievement, it’s no longer about the praise, it’s just about you and your God, and the fulfillment of His will. A man can be diligent in anything, both good and bad. The point is, the reward for diligence applies to all endeavours. Even if you are diligent in committing fornication or adultery, even without protection, you will one day be rewarded with HIV. You can be diligent in anything, the same rules apply. The only difference is the glory that lies ahead.

I am talking to people with dreams, I am talking to people with visions, I am talking to people with glorious ambitions, I am talking to fellow embodiments of greatness; don’t you dare stop.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Oh! I almost forgot, Happy Birthday to ME!!!

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