In the first episode of this series, “Dreams as a Major Spiritual Feedback Mechanism”, I wrote at length on the nature of dreams and I also touched on the deception of dreams. In this episode, I will be sharing one of those deceptive dreams. If you read my last issue, “God’s Direction in My Exam”, you will notice that this is like a complete opposite of that testimony. There, I didn’t have any dream; I purely acted by faith and my faith made me whole. The exact material I covenanted with God was what was majorly examined. Here, it was a different ball game, an error of complete reversal of entry (Shout out to my accountants in the house).

The Dream

As I prepared for an exam, I prayed to God, committing the exam into His hands. I also prayed for guidance as I prepared, and on the night before the exam, I had a dream.

We were in the exam hall about to start the exam. There were different rooms for the same exam, so the examiners had not reached my own room. I didn’t know that it was the same exam that was being written in the two rooms. I then got up from my seat and went to the other room, I don’t know why, but I just went there anyways. When I got to the exam room, it was like I sat down and the examiners came and shared the question papers. They gave one to me and I realized that it was the same exam, so I quickly got up and went back to my own exam room. I took the question paper and glanced through the questions and they were very familiar questions. I then tried to rush to my handouts to see if I could revise real quickly.


The examiners then came in and I quickly put out all incriminating materials. The questions were shared and it seemed like a particular material which was given to us in class was reproduced in the exam verbatim, and then I woke up.

The Outcome

I felt so good about the dream when I woke up. There was indeed just one particular material given by the lecturer and it all just made sense. Despite that dream, I still chose to cover the whole syllabus as I could and then later concentrated on that particular material. A few hours to the exam, all I read was that material, I read it over and over again with the confidence I had from that dream. Other mates came and asked me for that particular material as I revised and I boldly refused, it all just continued to make more and more sense.

The time came, the examiners arrived and I went in to the exam hall. I was really confident and sure of what was coming out. Lo and behold, I was dazed and thrown completely off balance by what I saw. On the contrary, that particular material was the only topic that was not examined. I read through all the six questions, “There has to be a mistake” I said as I kept glancing through the questions. I later accepted my fate, I had been played. Thank God I had covered the syllabus, at least to some extent, so I still had knowledge in addition to the wisdom of God which I used to answer the questions.



Even as I write this, I am still confused as to what happened, I still don’t want to accept the fact that I was played by the dream. I told other people about it and the first thing they told me was that I had been played. I have done all the calculations and I am still in wonder land.

It is not that I haven’t had deceptive dreams before, I just haven’t been played like this before. Even though I have some theories explaining the event, the fact still remains that I was played. In all things, I still give thanks to God, because even though I was taken unawares, I was already equipped for contingencies and wisdom and knowledge were not lacking at all.

This is a proof that dreams could be deceptive and we really need the Holy Spirit to guide us and discern good from evil. The spirit world is more real than this world, it is time we took hold of the spiritual to manipulate the physical, because whether we like it or not, everything in the physical is a product of the spiritual.


Attend to your dreams prayerfully today.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2013 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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