Welcome to the New Year once again and the second season of the Dreams Come True Series (DCTS). In recent times, there have been heightened revelations concerning the end times and the second coming of the Lord (Joel 2:28), and majority of these revelations have been through dreams, while others are through visions and out of body experiences, including death. This year, we will also be sharing these dreams and revelations because they are prophetic and will happen according to the word of God. Nonetheless, we will kick off this season with a dream that I had concerning Covenant Christian Centre, Nigeria middle last year that has come to pass now.

The Dream

Have you ever had some dreams that are so unrealistic that you just wake up and laugh? Well, this was one of those dreams. Middle last year, I had a dream that the Church (Covenant Christian Centre(CCC)) headed by Pastor Poju Oyemade organized a big programme at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. It was more of nationwide programme that involved top dignitaries in the country and in the world, both in the Christian and political circle. I saw people like the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) Chairman, Senate President, and other top officials of the country. There were foreign ministers of God, and one of them was Michael W. Smith, one of my (if not) my best gospel musicians among others.


The dream was really complex, but I could remember going in and having to climb stairs and go through some passages that were really confusing and there were police officers all around the corners. I remember there being ushers all around and at the different points and I remember just wanting to see Michael W. Smith (MWS) at a close range and an usher not letting me see him. I even remember getting lost trying to find my way back down.

I remember leaving and I remember the bus stop, it was the National Stadium. Of course, it was funny, it didn’t make sense; all those dignitaries in a gospel gathering? So I just laughed, and besides, CCC always uses Tafawa Balewa Square for their programmes, WAFBEC 2013 was there, cross over service, there, etc. What would they be looking for at the stadium? I wasn’t just happy because they didn’t allow me shake hands with MWS in the dream.


The Outcome – WAFBEC 2014

I definitely wasn’t expecting any outcome, I had long forgotten the dream, but the truth is, little did I know that it was a revelation of the venue for the next WAFBEC (West Africa Faith Believers’ Convention) programme: WAFBEC 2014. The players in the dream were not the real players, but the venue and the programme was real. This year’s edition was set to hold at the Indoor Sports Hall of the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos and started on Sunday evening, 26th of January.

On getting there, we (I and my sister) were late and were directed by ushers to take the passage leading up. As we climbed the first set of stairs and were going through the passage, it looked really familiar, like I had been there before. The confusing stairs, passages and corners began to ring a bell, “I had been in this condition before”.

Then immediately, the Lord brought it to my remembrance, this was that dream that I had. I just said to my sister “You wouldn’t believe that this venue was revealed to me in a dream, these confusing passages especially”. The positioning of the ushers, the security officials and the police officers all exactly where they were in the dream. The only players that weren’t there were the dignitaries and Michael W. Smith, but who knows maybe Pastor Poju has something up his sleeves that will get all these people together.



Well, who would have thought that such a high calibre meeting would be revealed to me? Only the pastor and his organizers would have known where they wanted to hold the next WAFBEC. This revelation was had about 7-8months ago, but it came to pass.

God indeed speaks and reveals things through dreams, don’t joke with them.

By the way, WAFBEC 2014 is still on and it has been wonderful and amazing. It’s not denominational, it’s purely a convention of faith believers worldwide. Trust me, your faith will sky rocket. I’ve already had two testimonies during #WAFBEC 2014, you don’t want to be left out. You can also follow the programme via the following media:

Live Stream: http://www.wafbec.org/sites/2014/wafbec-2014-live-stream/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WestAfricaFaithBelieversConvention
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wafbec

Till next time, cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.