This episode is yet another dream experience that vividly played out before my very eyes; like play, like play. The truth is that I’ve been having dreams, but not mostly revelational dreams of things that will happen. So when I had this dream on Saturday, I didn’t attach any importance to it because there was no danger. It really didn’t make much sense, but it played out exactly as it was revealed to me the next day (Sunday).

The Dream

I had a dream, and in this dream, I was driving to church. On my way to church, I noticed that cars were parked a very far distance away from the church along the road, but on getting to the church, the very first place where you should see cars because of the limited parking space, there were no cars at all; not a single car. On looking ahead, the environment was just empty, like there was no activity. Then I think I turned around and God knows whether I went back home or from there I went to swim or buy food (LOL); then I woke up.


The Outcome – They Have Moved

We have movedI woke up by God’s grace and set out to prepare for church. As I began preparations (brush teeth, have bath, wear clothes, brush hair, moustache and eye brows, spray perfume/body spray – I don’t know which is which – and carry Bible), I started pondering on the dream and trying to figure out what it was all about. I had this feeling, this voice that said to me, they have moved, but I shut it out, it didn’t make sense. I focused more on the cars that were parked far away, and just that space close to the church that was empty, because that’s where I loved to park, so I could always leave quickly. There was also a prior controversy within my home concerning the church and so I was just trying to link everything together; but all to no avail.

Lo and behold, I had picked up my Bible and drove off to church. There were no such cars parked far away at the road side as I saw in the dream, but on getting close, it now became real. That parking space was empty, the whole area was empty, the car parks were locked, the church was locked; no single activity! I just felt like a muntula (fool)! “So this dream happened sha! It really happened!” I said to myself as I turned round and went back home, SMH (shaking my head) all the way.



You see, I wasn’t in church the previous Sunday, so I wasn’t abreast of the latest developments. God simply showed me before hand that service wasn’t going to hold there again, that they have now moved, but I didn’t feel the dream was significant. Even when the voice spoke to me, and I had that feeling, I didn’t even give it thought.

God is speaking and showing us things through dreams. Don’t neglect your dreams, don’t underestimate the events of your dream, especially when they are revelational in nature. Prayerfully attend to your dreams, and when there are instructions or revelations, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction to act accordingly.

Dreams actually do come true!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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