It’s been quite an age since the last episode or that I even published any other thing. It’s not that the dreams stopped coming, I was just lost in thought as to rebranding the series. I also released my first official gospel single titled “Smile” which became my main focus. There is a lot to share, but let’s resume with this most recent testimony of how God opened my left ear after a month of partial deafness due to earwax. I had the dream last week and got the manifestation of healing just yesterday.

My Village People: Earwax Whisperers

Village-people-whisper-earwaxSo I had been battling with this annoying earwax in my left ear for about a month. You won’t believe how it started. A family member complained of having earwax. Next thing I knew, my village people also whispered into my left ear. Abracadabra! From nowhere, my left ear closed up. It was a mixed blessing though, because when the same village people came asking for Covid-19 palliatives, I couldn’t hear them.

However, the ear opened and closed up at intervals, which meant that it wasn’t that bad. I was hopeful that with a few ear drops, I would be good to go. But as a Nigerian that I am, I eventually didn’t buy the ear drops and chose to manage the ear like that.


Earwax Ocean Explorer

shrek-earwaxOne blessed night, I was playing PUBG Mobile. I was on to an enemy and about to ambush him following the sound waves from his footsteps. The next thing I knew, my left ear closed up. I stopped hearing well, became unsettled and lost my advantage. In the process, I didn’t know when he snuck up on my game character and killed him.

I got so angry and decided to remove the earwax myself. So I took a cotton bud, dipped it inside olive oil and stuck it in my left ear. What was my mission again? To navigate the cotton bud through the ocean of earwax and dig up the wax that my village people whispered into my ear. At this point, my village people immediately whispered these final words to me:

That was how I used my own hand to push the wax deeper and finally lost my hearing from the left ear. I officially became partially deaf.

Faith Without Works is Dead

So I finally went and bought the ear drops but there was no improvement afterwards. The ear drops finished and I switched to olive oil. After about three weeks, there was still no improvement. I was deaf in the left ear. In most cases, the individual would definitely have to visit the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Doctor. Then I remembered faith. I remembered that there was nothing impossible for God to do, having done my part to right my wrong. So I prayed for my healing, and every morning, I thanked God for opening up my left ear.


The Dream

Then just last week, I had a dream where while I was having my bath, as I pressed my left ear down, it suddenly opened up and I started praising God. In the dream, it felt like a dream. I woke and began to thank God for the manifestation. Then I immediately rushed to have my bath expecting a miracle, but to no avail. I remained encouraged, applying the olive oil and declaring my healing.

The Manifestation: Earwax Gone

Proverbs 13:12 says,

“Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.”

Being partially deaf for about a month is a highly uncomfortable and depressing situation. After like a week of having the dream with no manifestation, I began to doubt. I began to prepare to book an appointment with the ENT specialist. I got very discouraged and stopped my confession of healing. The possibility of hearing again with my left ear felt like a dream.

Earwax-gone-manifestation-joyThen Sunday morning, I woke up and prayed my usual morning prayer. After praying, I got encouraged again and resumed my confession. Then Psalm 126:1 was ministered to me. It says,

“When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.”

I started to confess,

“When the Lord restored my hearing in my left ear, I was like them that dream. When the Lord brought to pass, the manifestation of my healing revealed through the dream, I was like them that dream”

Yesterday morning, I woke up, prayed as usual and confessed my healing. I then applied the olive oil as a matter of faith, but no wax came out still. This time, it was no longer a function of if, but when. I wasn’t discouraged one bit. I went to have my bath. Lo and behold, just like it happened in the dream, I just pressed my left ear down and it suddenly opened up! I began to shout “Glory to God!!!” uncountable times.



Earwax-goneAs at the time of writing, I am still checking to confirm that I am really hearing well. It still feels like a dream. I am still trying to get used to the normalcy of hearing with both ears without effort. No more deafness and siren sounds in my left ear. My left ear is perfectly open. I use in-ear earphones (ear buds) and my hearing is perfect. I have closed my right ear to test the clarity of sound in my left ear, and it is perfect.

God still remains the same, yesterday, today and forever. His healing power is still very much available to be accessed by anyone who believes till this day.

Dreams actually do come true!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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