Welcome to the third issue of this series. Today I will be sharing a dream that was a defining point in my life, I am telling you, I won’t be writing on dreams if not for this particular dream. This was the dream that opened me up to dreams as a spiritual feedback mechanism as discussed in detail in the first issue of this dream series. This simple dream about an open book test was the dream that raised my conscious spiritual awareness. As brief as it might be, the effect was drastic, so please read carefully.

The Scenario

I was in my 200 level in the university, studying Accounting and one of my courses was Macroeconomics. Because of the difficult nature of this course, I always carried my textbook with me to class so I could understand better, there wasn’t a day that I did not go with this textbook. It even got to a point that I had gotten so used to the habit of taking that textbook to class that I even mistakenly took it for other classes.

The annoying part is that the lecturer wasn’t making matters easy at all, and the worst part was the multitude of students taking that course. The faculties of Education, Business Administration and Environmental Sciences took that course along with the original owner, the department of Economics. You can just imagine the site.


The Dream

So one night, I had a dream. In this dream, I was to attend this particular macroeconomics lecture and I left my textbook in the hostel. I attended the lecture and towards the end, the lecturer, all of a sudden, announced an open book test. For those that don’t know what an open book test is, it is simply a test in which you are allowed to use any material (class notes, textbooks, etc.) available at your disposal, depending on the restrictions of the administrant.

He dictated a question which was definitely not in our lecture notes and one needed at least a textbook to answer it. We were all dazed, but I was beyond dazed; I was in tears. I had carried my textbook to class all through and on that particular day that I left it behind, an open book test (of all tests) was announced. I tried looking at my neighbours to see what I could get from them, but they too were blank. The whole place was in commotion as people were jumping up and down seeking answers. I just sat there, with tears in my eyes until the test was over. I submitted my almost empty sheet and started walking back to my hostel. I cried from the lecture room to my room in the hostel, where I continued my crying, and then I woke up.


The Open Book Test

Open book testThe first thing I think I did when I woke up was hiss. To me, that was the most ridiculous dream I ever had, it just didn’t make sense, as a matter of fact, it was impossible for that lecturer to even declare such a giveaway thing as an open book test for continuous assessment. It was also impossible that there would be a closed book test because nothing of such was announced. I brushed my teeth, had my bath, wore my clothes, sprayed my perfume (yeah, I had one), and took my lecture note. As I was about to leave, I remembered that I had forgotten my textbook, which I had never left behind no matter what. I picked it up and then deliberately dropped it down just to prove that I wasn’t that gullible to fall for some dream.

I went to class just as in the dream, attended the lecture and like play, like play, as the lecture was about to come to an end, this lecturer just announced an open book test. O My God! It was happening. Tears started bubbling in my eyes, I started soliciting for help from my neighbours who were also blank, the whole place was in commotion, everybody was jumping from one end to the other seeking answers; and then I just sat down on my sit as the tears filled my eyes. The lecturer announced the end of the test, I submitted my ‘as good as empty’ sheet and immediately left the class. As I walked away, I cried seriously from that lecture theatre all the way back to my hostel room, entered, and continued my crying. It was all like a dream, but of course it was a dream which I had already dreamt coming true.



I think I eventually had a B or C in that course, but I had to study extra had to make up for the test in the exam. Some of you might have an idea of exactly how I felt, some of you might not, but you don’t have to experience such pain if only you will take your dreams seriously, and prayerfully attend to them. Make sure you go and read the first issue titled “Dreams as a Major Feedback Mechanism” if you are still confused, you need more light or you are completely new to the world of dreams.

Till the next issue, cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2013 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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