On a Friday in February, 2013, I had a series of scenarios in a dream including two favoured scenarios and one scenario of death. The favoured ones were lovely and also a hint of the future. There were promises, favours and blessings for me. Just as I was coming back, having received my blessings in the dream, I got to a place where there were people gathered, it was like something was happening. Then I moved a little closer to see, it wasn’t clear what was going on, but it was like a man had just been electrocuted to the point that he caught fire, and it was like there was another person also. It wasn’t clear at all, but all I know is somebody died either by fire or by electrocution, so I just walked away.

The Outcome

ElectrocutionWaking up, I claimed all the blessings and favours in the dream, then cancelled and nullified the death by electrocution, fire or any means against me or any member of my family or loved ones; I also cancelled and nullified any form of negativity as usual. I went about my day as usual and I had already forgotten about the dream. Then on Sunday (two days later) after coming back from service, I prepared my meal and just saw a set of newspapers on the table in the sitting room. I perused through them. I then saw the headline of man electrocuted by a PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) power line that fell down and led to the burning of a vehicle beside his. In an attempt to save his car, he got electrocuted along with the gateman who tried to save him, making two people. I just shook my head in pity and continued reading other stories, then the Holy Spirit just ministered to me and I remembered that dream. It was very clear to me in the spirit that the news was an evidence of what I saw in the dream.



I just sat down on the couch as I pondered on what I had just discovered, my food already getting cold. I started thinking of what would have happened if I did nothing about the dream, especially as death was involved. This further confirmed the potency of dreams and that no matter what, whether I understood or remembered them or not, I had to prayerfully attend to them.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2013 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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