This information I am about to share might amuse you a little, but I have been praying for a wife since I was about 16years of age. Whenever I liked a girl, I always thought about the future straight away. In fact, I thought so deep one time, that I had already started daydreaming about my proposed wife and our four kids (2 boys, 2 girls), they even already had names. While my mates were busy having one-night stands and use-and-dump affairs, I was busy projecting into the future and praying seriously not to enter one-chance or marry a spirit. Back then, because of my place of worship, I had this orientation that almost all girls were water spirits, so that made me even more careful about jumping into relationships and praying seriously. As a result, each time I met a girl that I liked and was interested in, I started researching, calculating and praying immediately and I got spiritual feedback, one way or another; and this brings us to this episode of the dream series.

The Dream

I had just met a girl that I liked and subjected her to some substantive tests, which she failed woefully, so I found my square root (although, in her mind, she refused me) and moved on. I then met another girl; this one had passed my substantive and other physical tests, the last component was the spiritual go ahead. Whether you like it or not, you cannot rule out the spiritual when it comes to matters like this. I prayed and prayed concerning her, while, of course, we continued getting closer and rolling together in the physical.


One night, I then had a dream concerning her. It was a very horrible and terrifying dream, I just couldn’t believe what God had just shown me. In this dream, we were practically married or probably seriously engaged. I was in serious need or facing serious difficulty and she had abandoned me. I tried and tried to get to her, but she totally wrote me off. Even her friends came with me to where she resided (it looked like a hostel), she didn’t listen to them. I called her name from outside, all her friends were calling her, she didn’t respond. Then, it was like I saw her in her room while we were outside, and she was just moving around in her room and she opened the curtain a little and looked down at us, and she just shook her head. I just felt so desolate, everyone had left me, and then I woke up. I was amazed at my discovery, I just couldn’t believe it, I had just seen the future with that girl, which is why up till now, I can still remember that dream vividly. This was in 2006.


The Outcome – My Wife Not to Be MY WIFE NOT TO BE

Wife not to beI definitely didn’t need any further revelations, and knowing the potency and reality of dreams, the moment I woke up, everything changed. I immediately withdrew myself from her, even though we were still friends, but I now knew the future. As the years went by, the little friendship we had, starting dying, even with all my efforts to keep in touch; and her true colours started revealing themselves according to the dream. The good news is that I wasn’t in any way emotionally attached to her, because I was very conscious of the dream. I just let things play out, and they sure did play out. I kept trying to keep in touch, but my relevance to her was reduced every passing second. The funny thing is that, the time actually came when I really needed her, even as a friend, and she deserted me. It just didn’t make sense, but then, the Holy Spirit brought that dream to my remembrance and it just hit me; it was all the outcome of that dream, what just saved my life and my pride, was my adherence to the warnings of that dream. Today, for close to a year now, she hasn’t replied my call or text, which I just made to keep in touch, nothing else.



Imagine if God had not warned me or I didn’t value the potency of the dream; I would have wooed her, she would have fallen, we would have been dating and I would have gotten really serious with her, since I was thinking marriage, and the disaster would have been great, just as it was in the dream.

Whether we like it or not, God continues to show us things and speak to us through dreams. Dreams still remain a major spiritual feedback mechanism from God. Some dreams do not need any further prayer, what they need is adherence to the warnings, the dream above is a very good example of such.

Most definitely, those days of desolation are over, and God carried me through all the way. Today, I definitely can never need such a person, my God has supplied all my needs according to His riches in glory (Philippians 4:19), it is settled. The point is, I would be telling a different story today, if I didn’t adhere to the warnings of that dream.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

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