Anybody reading the heading would just be wondering what the heaven that means. I need to honour the “Christian lady” who almost blocked my ears starting and ending each sentence with that phrase ‘To God are mine’ trying to speak the actual English version which is “To God and man” in a bid to convince me to buy her shoes. The events of that sale proved yet another fallacy about everybody being a Christian because they go to church and making the mistake of trusting a crook in the name of “I am a Christian”.

Straight from Togo

I was just on my way out of my office area on an official assignment when this woman called me from the security post at the gate. In the past, this woman had sold some clothes to me, some of which began to tear within one week. I just let it go since it was a credit arrangement and even though I had fulfilled my own obligation, I didn’t want to stress her, but allow her enjoy her gains. This time, she was selling shoes. She called my attention and immediately and started marketing her shoes. Funny enough, I actually needed a new pair of shoes but I hadn’t been able to go to the market for close to a year as at then. She brought out one humble looking shoe and presented it to me.

Given the humble nature of the shoe, I assumed it would also have a very humble price; so I asked. To my amazement, she priced it at N8,000. “Say wetin happen? For what na?” I replied. “This shoe is from Togo, to God are mine, I just came back from Togo last week. To God are mine, I bought this shoe for N6,000. Oya how much do you want to pay?” She then asked and the bargaining began. That shoe couldn’t have been worth more than N2,000 or even up to that. But I priced it at N5,000 feeling like a big boy. She refused and insisted on N6,000. Seeing that I needed a new pair and it was on credit, I agreed, but I had only one condition. I told her I wasn’t concerned about the beauty of the shoe, but the quality. I pleaded with her to confirm that the shoe would last, as it was going to be my new pair of shoes. Although I knew the shoe was an impostor, impersonating the original Giorgio Armani, I needed her to commit herself, even though I knew she was lying. Let’s just call it a bait that I didn’t wish would catch any prey.


To God are Mine

Tio God are mineAs God had it, RCCG (The Redeemed Christian Church of God) just embarked on its 100 days fasting and she happened to be a member. She then showed me her scarf and said “See my scarf Godsplan, to God are mine, I am fasting. See! My church is doing 100 days fasting, I have not eaten since morning. To God are mine Godsplan it will last, nothing can happen to it.” That’s all I needed to hear. I took the pair of shoes and after two days of wearing those shoes, simply going to work and coming back home, lo and behold! The right leg opened up and burst into laughter, while the left leg was smiling a little, preparing for its own joy.

I called her, she refused to pick and her number wasn’t going again. We ran into each other the next day, I told her what happened, she said she would come and take it to repair it. Two weeks after, she never came. Running into her again, she just finalized everything and told me that she would bring another pair of shoes for me, which I would still pay for, and then she would still take the nonsense she sold to me. At that point, I was fully persuaded yet again, “by their fruits, you shall know them” (Matthew 7:16). To show you that this was just another scam, those shoes turned out to be irreparable, like they were made of paper.


By Their Fruits

I didn’t even judge her based on our past dealings, but the moment she mentioned “To God are mine, I am fasting” I just knew she was a joker. I just needed to let things play out to confirm yet again. By the grace of God, the Holy Spirit in me has never been wrong. Judge a Christian by their fruits and not by their words of mouth when they want something from you. I can assure you, every time these people use the fact that they go to the same church with you or they are strong Christians and start acting perfect to solicit help from you, look closely. A hypocrite – a wolf in sheep clothing – is knocking at the door.


I can’t count how many times I have warned people against such individuals but they always end up being duped and taken advantage of by these so-called “self proclaimed Christians”. It’s not a new thing, but it never gets old. Love is not blind, love is not foolish; love is wise. Beware! Not everyone that says, Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that does God’s will (Matthew 7:21).


We are not all Christians. Don’t open the door of your life and home to thieves and devils, wolves in sheep’s clothing, all in the name of Christianity. You will have yourself to blame. Walk in love and in the Spirit and nobody will deceive you. Jesus touched lives positively, he walked with his disciples, he embraced the worst of sinners, but he never affiliated with the hypocrites. What really makes us Christians is not being perfect or acting holy, then we are no different from the hypocrites, because no man can obey all the laws. What makes us Christians is that we love one another as Christ loves us. We will not take undue advantage of each other, we will not do anything to another’s hurt; for all the law is fulfilled in one word, “love” (Galatians 5:14). This is what makes us Christians.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

God bless you infinitely!!!

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