Day by day, Christians are deviating from the Gospel, and inventing their own signature brands. Church members regard the words of their pastors and General Overseers (G.O.s) more sacred than the word of God itself. Consequently, there seems to be no end to unbiblical doctrines, manipulated and wrongly interpreted scriptures and ecclesiastical fallacies. Today, we’ll be discussing on the fallacy of angels marking church attendance.


Earlier this year, my family, other relatives and well-wishers travelled to say our last goodbyes to our grandma who went to be with the Lord at a ripe old age. On the Sunday after the burial, a thanksgiving service was held at her church.

Just after the praise & worship session, a certain well-wisher who definitely wasn’t a member of the church just went to the front of the church and asked the leaders for permission to give an exhortation. They obliged her and the stage was all hers. Now remember that it was a special thanksgiving service for a burial ceremony and many people travelled far to attend the burial ceremony. This means that the congregation was mostly filled with visitors, including her.

This woman began with a few words of thanksgiving and respect for my grandma. After that, she started to exhort the congregation and began talking about commitment to church work and coming early to church. To defend her position, the next thing we heard was,

“The Bible says that whenever it is time for church service, the angels of God come to mark church attendance. They know the time the service is supposed to start, so if the service is supposed to start by 8am for example, the angels will come and mark attendance by exactly 8am. Once you are late by even 8.15am, you have lost your blessing for that day.”

Would you look at that? She even boldly quoted it as scripture.



In my former church, many years ago, the pastor and other ministers also had their own version of the church attendance fallacy. In their own version, the angels actually mark church attendance for all the weekly and monthly church activities. For example, Sunday Service, Monday Bible Study, Wednesday Prayer Meeting, Friday Monthly Night Vigil, etc. According to them, the angels do not only mark attendance but also note the time you come in. You must not miss any, and you must not come late, if not, you will give account to God.


At my place of worship, it was discovered that some members do not wait till the service is over. They get up and leave immediately after the pastor finishes his sermon and leaves the pulpit. Each of them would have their reasons for doing that, like going to work, trying to beat traffic, etc. In most churches, after the sermon, there are ending segments spanning from tithes & offering, announcements, welcoming first timers, closing prayer, church anthem or family song and sharing the grace. Different strokes for different folks.


So on this particular Sunday, the same event occurred after the pastor left, as usual. Then another minister came up to take the announcements. Upon seeing people leaving, she deviated from the announcements and tried to address the issue. She discouraged the behaviour as disorderly and not comely for a house of worship.

Church AttendanceShe then went ahead and made reference to a story her grandma told her about angels coming to mark church attendance. According to her, when the service starts, angels come to mark church attendance. Then when the service is officially over, they come back to take a headcount of all members present on their seats, suggesting that any member marked absent at the end of the service has lost his/her blessing for that service.

Although she acknowledged that it may not have been a biblical fact, it was clear that she believed in the fallacy up to the point of using it to address a whole church congregation.



In the first scenario, the angels only come to mark church attendance at the beginning of the service. Then in the second scenario, church attendance is marked for all weekly and monthly services. Lastly, in the third scenario, the angels come back to mark attendance at the end of the service.

The Bible encourages us to fellowship with one another and not neglect the gathering of the saints (Hebrews 10:25). We don’t have to formulate different accounts of one fallacy just to get people to attend church service. Once we start deviating from the word of God, we would start walking in darkness and stumbling, as we are mostly doing already.

Let us therefore abide in the word of God and let it be our lamp and light guiding us unto the path of love, fellowship and perfection (Psalm 119:105).

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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