I had been thinking of the significance of God’s love and protection in what I thought was too minute an issue or occurrence to write on, until the least significant things like swallowing an ordinary fish bone or grinding occasional beans stones happened, that I realized had the capacity to really hurt me and I again understood the depths of God’s love and protection towards us.

Food in General

If you’re one of those people born in a rich family with a dining table covered with a basket(s) of fruits and all sorts of delicacies rich in vitamins and foods that do not only ensure but enforce a balanced diet, well, thank God for your life. You even have cooks in your house who make sure everything that enters your mouth is hygienic, you then have a family doctor that comes to your house in record time even with the minimal complaint of hiccup, praise God for your life. But if you’re like me that doesn’t know what it feels like to have a dining table, the time I tried joining a family on their dining while on a family visit, I disgraced myself; I saw everybody using cutlery, I wanted to feel among. If you’re like me, who has depended on Mama Put (local cafeteria) for a long time; then you will have an understanding of why you should just take out time to bless God every second for life.

We don’t know how these people prepare their food, we just buy and eat. In fact, there’s this popular woman who never prepared her food on site, but brought it whole from wherever she was coming from. She would just arrive with her picnic coolers, while we were already lined up. We eat all sorts of rubbish, and even though we can see it is rubbish, we still eat it. One day, the food seller was selling asaro (yam pottage) and part of it spilled on her hand. She licked the spill off her hand and used the same raw hand to sell plantain for the customer. She would carry the pieces of plantain with that hand and start to drop them one after the other into the customer’s plate – a hand covered in sweat, saliva and all other germs and crap. Or is it the one that would sneeze into the food? Or is it the flies that collect rent from every food and drink you buy? Or haven’t you heard and seen the televised complaints of customers against fast food joints, maggots in the chicken, the staff spiting on the food and all that? Yet we are in good health, safe and sound, let’s just bless God for His faithfulness this very moment, He indeed has been faithful.


Fish Bones and Beans Stones

Beans stonesWe all know that when you don’t properly pick beans before cooking, you stand a very high risk of grinding small stones while eating. But the inspiration for this write-up came when one day I was eating beans and was at the verge of chewing a hard stone that was bigger than a single bean itself that I realised the damage it could have done to my teeth if I had ground it with my teeth.

Fish bones 2As I began to become aware of these little things and thank God for my teeth, I found myself eating fish another day and before I knew it, a strand of bone was stuck in my throat. It hadn’t happened for a long time, possibly more than seven (7) years. I could only remember my Sunday School teacher testifying about the horrible experience he had after swallowing fish bone back in the 90s. Swallowing became tough, I had to swallow my own saliva with great caution, and I could feel the pain down my throat. Then I realised it wasn’t a small issue at all and just prayed to God to deliver me and after a while it was gone.


You think it is a small issue? You just research about foreign bodies in the throat and you would see the amount of medical cases that will pop up; you would see that it is medically advised that such cases be taken seriously. In fact, you would see x-ray and surgical images of similar situations, then you would know how bad it can be. So don’t laugh, like I said, it only took me to grind that huge stone with my teeth, and it only took the bone to have gotten stuck in my throat and the matter would have been complicated; then I would have found myself in the hospital.


We’ve seen how the minutest and least significant of situations could really hurt us in ways we can’t imagine for such small things. In this New Year, start appreciating God for the smallest things, don’t wait till a big miracle happens or for some huge breakthrough before you acknowledge that He’s working on your behalf. Thank God for that 100naira someone gifted to you, thank Him for that headache that left, thank Him for His mercy endures forever.


If only you were there when I almost ground that stone; and if only you were there when that fish bone was stuck in my throat with a piercing effect; you’ll start acknowledging God for every second of your life. In part 2, it even gets scarier, at least I knew what to expect from eating fish. You saw how these could really hurt, wait and see as the scenarios shared in part 2 were even less significant but had the capacity to cripple me. In fact, just a millisecond, and I would have been maimed.

“Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” (Psalm 106:1).


Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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