The last time, we talked about how little things like fish bones and beans stones could hurt us real bad. Today, we’ll be looking at even littler things, as little as staples (stapling pins), only that it didn’t just have the power to hurt me, but cripple me if not for God’s mercies. We’ll also see how other scenarios that we just count as nothing could go bad just like that and send us to the hospital. A reminder as to why we must continue to be grateful unto God for every second of our lives, trust me, if God were not watching over you, it could go bad any second.

The Mother of All Insignificancies with Crippling Power – Staples!

I call this the mother of all insignificancies because I still can’t believe how fast it was and how I could be maimed with a staple. I was at the office on a day like any other day going about my daily activities. I was preparing cheques to be taken to the bank for lodgement. Because the cheques are stapled to the receipts, I have to remove the staples from the cheques to separate them from the receipts and to make them presentable to the bank. In doing so, I use a staple remover to make my work faster and I had about 100 cheques to treat.


Staples removerThe staple remover was rusty, the springs were also rusty and so sometimes, when you clip the remover blades to the staple, the blades gets jammed, so you have to force them open to release the removed staple. This means that the staple will fly out at an increased force than if the springs were working perfectly. After managing it for a number of cheques, as I forced the blades of the staple remover open to release the current staple, the staple just flew directly to my left eye at that increased speed and force just about the second that I blinked my eyes. So it hit the eye while it was closed. It was so fast that an extra second before or after I blinked and the staple would have pierced my left eye.

Planted Razor Blade

This was another convincing motive to write this. I went to work on a Monday morning after a long weekend. I got to my office, dropped my bag, pulled back my chair and sat down, while I swung left to right, and turned 180 and 360degrees on my office swing chair, getting ready for the day and week. After some minutes, I think someone left the office and didn’t shut the door, so I got up to shut the door. On getting back, just before I sat down again, I decided to look at the chair and behold, there was a razor blade seductively looking at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, “My God, did I just sit on a razor blade?” I said to myself, and I didn’t just sit down, I rocked that chair.

I started turning around to check the posterior compartment of my thighs and my behind in confusion. “So I was sitting on a razor blade? Olorun Oba o!” I said to myself as I was in shock [(Olorun Oba means My God, My King, if I’m correct) Google translate translated Oba to Obama, so I’m not sure]. How the razor blade got there, I don’t know. It is either a rat put it there or somebody meant me harm directly or indirectly, but I don’t know when rats started planting razor blades on office chairs. This finally convinced me to see that I was under 24hours protection and that I was loved.


Cough and Catarrh

Lastly, this happened just late December last year. I had simple catarrh, of which I wasn’t concerned how it got there since I was foolish enough to consume enough cold drinks and sleep under air conditioning during the harmattan season. It’s just catarrh right, I just took paracetamol and hissed, “You foolish catarrh” I said to it.

Things became very clear when that same evening as I “blew my nose”, instead of mucus, it was thick blood. I thought maybe I was seeing double. Then I tried blowing my nose again and then the blood was staring at me on the tissue paper. It was then I was fully convinced as to why we need to be conscious of God’s mercies even in the least significant areas of our lives. By God’s grace, after praying and taking antibiotics the second day, it was gone by the third day.


So if you’re still waiting until cancer is cured to glorify God or for a million dollar deal to be grateful to God, then don’t worry, if only you were in my shoes when an ordinary staple almost crippled my left eye; if only you were the one who sat on a razor blade; if only ordinary catarrh was producing blood as mucus, you’ll start acknowledging God for every second of your life.


Remember, always praise God and give thanks unto Him. Why? Just because something significant happened? No! Always give thanks unto the LORD for he is good and His mercy endures for ever (Psalm 106:1) and then resolve to bless the LORD at all times and let his praise continually be in your mouth whether something significant happens or not (Psalm 34:1).

HAPPY NEW YEAR once again!!!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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