Today, many people have become so spiritual that they’ve forgotten they are actually still flesh and blood. In the light of this, they now also forget that others are actually flesh and blood and start waging war against them as spirits. Look at how I’m speaking in third party sense (they), like I’m not indirectly also referring to my former self. In Nigeria today, animals are majorly the ones who suffer this form of wrong accusation, to the point that even geckos are tagged as agents of darkness, evil spies to be particular, even cockroaches are not spared at all. Well, don’t forget, this might be just for laughter, but it isn’t funny at all.

It’s Just a Crab!

In the university campus fellowship I belonged to, there was a prayer group headed by the chief prayer warrior. This prayer warrior wasn’t joking at all, he was the one that prayed to the point that the roof of our fellowship building fell down. Well, that’s a story for another day.

One day, the prayer warriors were having their usual prayer warfare at the Chapel. There was a girl whom I had just brought into the fellowship, I don’t know who sent her, but she went and joined the prayer group (of all groups!). Anyways, during the prayers, their eyes were closed while they formed a circle. All of a sudden, a crab, going on its own, mistakenly hit her leg and she screamed. Immediately she screamed, they all opened their eyes and started raining serious prayers and tongues upon that crab until it couldn’t take the false accusation any longer and side-stepped away.


For goodness sake, it was just a crab, and the whole school was filled with crabs. Why do such a thing to an innocent creature?

It’s Just a Cat!

Funny CatYet again, in another prayer meeting (this time, I was present), we were praying and then I opened my eyes and saw a cat. Now, just like the crabs, there were also lots of free cats around at night. So, the moment I saw it, I was just beholding its beauty, while they were still praying. I then decided to play a little prank to see their reaction towards it. I then called the prayer warrior’s attention and pointed to the cat, immediately, he pointed to this cat and started firing tongues at it. The cat was just looking at him, it wasn’t until he physically scared the cat away that it ran. I just started laughing, and so did others.

Holy Ghost Fire!

A friend of mine told me of an encounter he had in church. They were at a popular prayer ground in Nigeria preparing to start a programme, and as at that time, rain was falling. While they prepared to start, the prayer warriors were praying at the other side of the arena and then a wire sparked and caught fire, probably due to high voltage or the rain. Instead of these people to put out the fire, they started shouting “Holy Ghost fire!” “For goodness sake, how can you use Holy Ghost fire to quench fire, won’t it rather burn the more? At least, you can plead the blood of Jesus” said my friend. It wasn’t until he and other people came and put out the fire that everything was back to normal; if not, it would have gotten out of hand.


Jokes Apart

Don’t get me wrong, there is evil in the land, and the devil is trying to use every medium as possible to cause havoc and destroy the saints, but a lot of people are taking things too far. A lot of people are in some kind of personal bondage, poverty, sadness and different forms of negativity today because of their spiritual excesses. I personally used to be afraid of geckos when I was small because of the story I was told in church about them being evil spies. I even used to be afraid of cats and dogs, because they had ascribed demonic attributes to them. It wasn’t until I came to spiritual maturity that I realized that they were just innocent animals, and the devil was only putting fear in my heart to further subdue and distract me.

It is no doubt that demonic agents could operate via animals just as they operate in human beings, but it is not as bad as we have painted it. The devil uses your fear to hunt you. The more you ascribe demonic attributes to normal occurrences, the more you are tormented and limited by them. If indeed, you have the Holy Spirit in you, you would know who is who, and which is which. I personally have had a demonic encounter with an evil creature which was trying to attack me, and I was perfectly conscious of what was going on. The next day, I saw the after effects of such encounter, with the severed head of a large bird left behind as a proof. I didn’t say I wasn’t shaking like a baby.


Lastly, God has not given you the spirit of fear, stop entertaining fear through stories and fallacies. Human beings are even the ones that are more possessed by demons than animals. Have you seen any place in the Bible were Jesus cast out demons from animals or responded to any animal as demon possessed? How can you keep a wild animal as a pet, and when it turns its back on you and attacks you, you’ll say it is possessed. Please, stop falsely accusing innocent animals and situations, and deal with your issues. Why would you see a bat flying at night and call it a demon, is it not a bat? Why would you see a cat going on its own and start casting and binding it? Please, stop falsely accusing innocent animals and situations, and deal with your issues.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2013 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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