There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from rats, do you know that? Well, I didn’t think so. Rats are very annoying, they hide in every little space available, they bite anything bitable, they can bite food, clothes, money, paper, and even doors to create passage holes. They have no respect for humanity, they just come from nowhere and pitch their tents in your house like they are also landlords or they are paying house rent with you. Funny enough, rats actually do have legal right to live in some houses, since they were there before the occupants moved in. They eat your food like they participated in the cooking. They bite the edges of your notes and textbooks like they joined in paying your school fees. They even bite your money like they worked for it.

From henceforth, the term rat or mouse will be represented by mickey. I know a lot of people have a lot of grudges against mickey and his descendants, maybe I should start a forum where people can pour out their minds on all the things mickey has done and strategize more subtle ways of killing mickey (Please don’t steal my idea, that’s if I didn’t indirectly steal another person’s idea). Till then, this issue is one that teaches on the power of wisdom and approach to situations using mickey as an example.


Mickey of AJ City

Somebody told me a story about his father sometime ago. They lived at Ajegunle in Lagos, Nigeria, home of Daddy Showkey. Mickey and his family were all over their house, even almost ejecting them. His father got angry at Mickey one day and said “enough is enough”. He tried rat traps, mickey just laughed as dodged his way through. He tried rat poison, mickey microwaved the poisoned bread and killed the germs, then ate and shared with the family. He tried all his best, but mickey was just going nowhere, so he said “It is me and you today, enough is enough, one of us is not leaving this house alive and that is you.” He then took a cutlass and waged a full scale war against mickey. He scattered the whole house just in search for mickey until he finally found him. He chased mickey around with the cutlass until he trapped mickey in a corner. He lifted the cutlass and assumed a striking position. As he steadfastly starred at mickey to watch his every move, mickey ran towards his feet and in reflex, he struck his feet in an attempt to strike mickey. They don’t call me “Mickey Mouse” for nothing, he said as he dashed out leaving the wounded man in pain.


Mickey Himself

Mickey mouseMickey then recently paid me a visit in my room. One glorious night, I was working on one of my articles which I have probably published already. As I was typing and studying the Bible for facts, I felt a strange presence in the room. I knew it wasn’t a godly presence and neither was it an evil presence, it was something worse. I halted and turned left, lo and behold, it was mickey who was a big as Bugs Bunny (a rabbit). I know that the first point of call of any normal human being would be to quietly reach for anything reachable and attack mickey, but wisdom spoke.

Mickey had snuck in quietly and was still a few meters away from the door. He actually just stood and assumed a praying or pleading position. I’m guessing that was as a result of the holy atmosphere in my room as I studied the word of God. Was it really happening, could mickey have been spiritually arrested? So wisdom told me to look at the door. I looked and saw that the door was slightly opened and that’s why mickey was able to sneak up on me. Wisdom then told me to just wait and do nothing, that mickey was going to gently go back. As I starred at mickey, the next thing I knew was, mickey just quietly and gently walked out of my room. I simply got up and properly shut my door. Isn’t that beautiful?


Wisdom is Profitable to Direct

As simple and literary the stories above may seem, they really happened, it’s no joke. From the two simple scenarios, you can see the importance of wisdom. Ecclesiastes 10:10 says,

“If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct.”

Finally, the Bible says in James 1:5,

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

All you need to do is ask just like I said in my previous issue “Your Faith Has Made You Whole”.

I know the whole thing might sound funny, it’s actually meant to be funny, but it’s not funny at all.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2013 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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