It was break period in a Primary School and a group of kids (boys) gathered at the field to play. The kids reminded me of those good old days, so I stood and watched them have fun. They were so enthusiastic about their break period and were running all around the field. I assumed they gathered to play football which it turned out to be, only that it wasn’t a “football” they were playing; these kids were playing “pangolo” (an empty plastic bottle of an unrecognizable drink).

They were playing the “O J O OJO!!!” football game, only those of us that were raised in the ghetto had the opportunity to play such wonderful ghetto football, unlike those ajebutters (rich, spoilt and weak kids) who even play their football with the latest adidas footballs and FIFA standard goal posts. These kids used the two poles supporting a roofed shade as their goal post and had a universal goalie. Amazing! Isn’t it? Shout out to all my ghetto brethren out there! God bless us all!


They were so enthusiastic about it, that they tackled each other and tried to score. After some time, a particular kid probably came up with an idea to make the game more interesting and tried to stop it to introduce his idea by shouting alongside his other colleagues for the game to be stopped. The thing that really amazed me was what they were actually shouting, “Hold the ball! Hold the ball! Hooooold the baaaaaaaall!!!” they shouted! They were playing pangolo, an empty plastic bottle and were shouting “hold the ball!”

Lessons Learnt

In the eyes of those kids, that empty unrecognizable plastic bottle wasn’t just an empty bottle, it was football, it was a ready means to fulfil their heart’s desire and they played it with all their heart. After the game, I heard one of the kids saying “I used snake bite to finish this one” You can just imagine, they even used it to do snake bite and other football skills that some people will never be able to do in their life time.


The lesson to be learnt from this is that we need to be so passionate about what we love to do that we do it with all enthusiasm, even against current discouraging reality. The most important thing is that at the end, those kids enjoyed their game of football and were fulfilled, the end justified the means.

If you have a vision or an idea, start something, no matter how small it is, start! Do what you love and love whatever it is you’re doing, believe in yourself, believe in your vision, and one day you will break forth into glory and those that laughed at you initially will rejoice with you.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2013 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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