About 3weeks ago, on Saturday, 1st December, 2012, during the National Sports Festival at Unilag; I learnt that the Olympic standard swimming pool was now opened to the public so I decided to go check it out. Having gathered information already about the poor structure, maintenance and all that, I decided to wear my trunk from home and wore my clothes over.

God restores stolen itemsOn getting there, I simply removed my clothes and kept them in my bag, including my wallet and my phone. There was no locker room or anything like that so I kept my bag on a white chair just beside the pool where I could watch over it very easily. After swimming a couple of laps, I came out and then checked as usual but this time the bag was gone. My clothes, my wallet with all that was inside and my phone again? I was not ready to be beaten twice so I immediately ran to the edge of the pool leading out and started scouting for anyone afar off with a bag because i knew the person couldn’t have gotten far. I saw a first guy with a bag but I knew he wasn’t the one, as I turned left, I then saw another guy with a bag also and I was convicted within my spirit, that was it.


I knew I couldn’t run after him, because 1, I was in my trunk, and 2, I would tip him off. As he walked gently away, I then looked and saw security officials also just randomly walking beside him, I also knew that if I shouted, I would tip him off, so by God’s grace, one of the security officials happened to be a female friend of mine who was also a swimmer, so I shouted her name, the thief was still oblivious at this point, and the moment she turned, I shouted “Stop that guy!” and it became an easy catch, as all she did was turn right and hold him, while the others simply surrounded him. He was apprehended and I made sure due process was followed and that he wasn’t lynched and killed, which was usually going to be the case. He was taken to the security post, locked up, and later on was to be transferred to the police.


I would have lost my clothes, my money, ID cards, ATMs, and my phone again. It would have been really bad. How would I have gone back home? In a trunk? No money? No phone? I really thank God for saving me from the pain, shame and disgrace. I thank God for the leading of the Holy Spirit, without Him, I wouldn’t be giving this testimony now. I also thank God for giving me the opportunity to save the thief’s life and carrying out justice.

Praise God!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga

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