I want to give a brief testimony. I was preparing for my exam last week and I had looked at the syllabi [in case you don’t know what syllabi means, it is the plural of syllabus, LOL (Laughing Out Loud)], and it was just too bulky.

I was reading and just got frustrated with all the books and papers, so I brought God in. I took some a particular topic and material, and told God that whatever it is that I read is what comes out, and whatever i read is planted in my heart.

I took the material and started reading, because of my nature of want for knowledge, after studying that topic, I still went ahead and covered each syllabus. A day to the exam, I took up my covenanted topic and read again, then glanced through other topics, just for the knowledge.

On the day of the exam, I woke up, prayed, had my bath and started glancing through again, but this time, other topics, to spend the remaining time on my covenanted topic. The next thing I knew was that a primary and secondary school mate of mine came visiting and I had to go be with him. He came by 8.30am, and my exam was by 10am, I had only read from 7.30am-8.30am. So I went out to be with him, we talked and laughed, and I just couldn’t leave him because I had exams, it was a sacrifice I had to make. He got ready to go around 9.45am, I escorted him to the bus-stop and I got back home around 10am, meaning I was already late.


I rushed out with my materials and started glancing through as I zoomed off to the exam centre. On getting there, they hadn’t started, so I found a corner and took out my covenanted material to read through for a last time. On entering the exam hall, just as I was about to put out my materials, I discovered there was a torn out page at the end of my covenanted material, so I looked at it as I tried to compile it back. On looking at it, I realized I hadn’t read it, it was an extra addition to the material. I was led in the Spirit to quickly read through it, so I did while in the exam hall, in fact, they had already shared the answer sheet, it was just remaining the question paper. In less than 5minutes, I quickly read through it and put out my materials.

To the glory of God, they shared the question papers and the first question was exactly what the Spirit had just led me to read, and it was very fresh in my head. To make it more interesting, every other question was taken from that very topic and material that I covenanted to God. I wrote like I was writing one of my articles.



Godsplan Uzoaga.

Image Credit: http://jamb.gapsacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/exam_worries.jpg