Do you remember the last time I wrote about how the Holy Spirit helped me find my mp3 player in ‘The Miracle of a Rat’ and the missing car key in ‘The Prodigal Key’? Well, silly me, the mp3 player went missing again.

I’ve Done it Again!

It’s not that I’m careless, but the device is very little and is very easy to misplace. If it gets missing, there’s nothing you can do about it, you can’t flash or call for it to cry out loud; there’s just nothing you can do than to accept your fate. It is either lost, stolen or forgotten. Like I said, I carry it with me all the time because I never know when a new song comes and at the same time, to keep my mind inspired with gospel and inspirational music.

I went out sometime last week and by the time I came back I reached for the player as usual but it wasn’t in my pocket. I checked all over the car, but it was nowhere to be found. I checked my room, scattered my bed, but to no avail. “O no! Not again!” Could it have fallen out of my pocket at the eatery or did it fall out at the house we visited to pay our condolences? After ransacking my brain, I had no other choice than to accept my fate once again, the player is lost and forgotten.


Holy Spirit to the Rescue

Holy SpiritI didn’t even bother myself about consulting God, all I did was pray a protective prayer on the device so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, because I had some of my songs on them which have not been recorded. But then, as I was just about to conclude my prayer, a thought just crossed my mind that the Holy Spirit could actually still help as He did before; so I unconvincingly asked the Holy Spirit to help me find my mp3 player. I can assure you that my faith was littler than a mustard seed, in fact, in my heart, I was more focused on the player not falling into wrong hands. In essence, I didn’t believe I could still find it again, but I just prayed anyways. About 15 minutes later that same morning, as I prepared to go to work, I just randomly reached out for a nylon on my bed and whoa! GP’s most wanted! – The mp3 player!



I know a lot of critics would not want to attribute the find to the supernatural and would rather call it coincidence especially as this would not be the first time I would be misplacing the device or the device misplacing me, so let me address that. I agree with Kenneth Hagin’s view that many Christians are missing out on the supernatural while looking for the spectacular. As a critic myself, I tended to attribute coincidence to certain things (which were actually supernatural) based on the fact that they were not necessarily spectacular. I do not believe this was a coincidence because the timing of, and circumstances surrounding the find in relation to the timing of the prayer is just too accurate and suggests supernatural input. The same applies for the last misplacement and the missing car key also. Although there are lots of things beyond me suggesting the futility of my beliefs, for this one I stand, the Holy Spirit did give supernatural input and helped solve my riddle.



If there’s anything that can be learnt from this experience, it is that there is nothing too small to talk to God about, neither is there anything too hard for Him to do. That is the reason why the Holy Spirit was sent to us in the first place, we need to actually start recognizing His presence and ask Him for His help and input. There are many things beyond our understanding and logical explanation, but at least, for the ones we can explain, it is worth the try.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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