So today is my birthday, but I keep wondering how I’m alive to witness it, considering I recently escaped my death-day. On Thursday, 10th May, 2018, at about 9.30pm; I had my closest call with death so far. I’ve had a few close calls, even near-death experiences (NDEs), but there was something strange about this particular experience. What if I told you I received a divine warning that very night before the event occurred? What if I told you I basically signed my own death warrant unknowingly?

A Day Like Any Other Day

It was a day like any other day, I had closed from work and was planning for the evening. So I decided to hang out with an old acquaintance for dinner. The plan was for us to simply rendezvous at a leisure point at Yaba which was more central to both of us.

However, there was a change of plans for me to go to the person’s location (Ilasa/Idi-Araba) after I had already gotten to Yaba. I then decided to relax there a little as I had just come straight out of traffic.

I Was Warned

After relaxing a little, I decided to head out as it was already getting late. As I tried crossing the road to head for my car, something strange happened. I had already gone across the right lane (which was the traffic behind me) to the left lane. All of a sudden, this car behind me, just started coming towards me to the left lane (opposing traffic) like he was coming for me. So as I ran across to safety, he popped out his head and shouted in pidgin “Them go still kill you this night,” meaning, “You are still going to get killed this night,” then sped off.


I Signed My Death Warrant

Death warrantSo out of anger, I entered into my car and cursed him, saying he was going to crash that night. Then I drove off to honor my appointment. Little did I know that I had just signed my death warrant. That’s because he wasn’t just cursing me by saying I was still going to get killed that night, it was a divine warning. The devil had planned my death that night and wanted to seal it by getting me angry and making me curse him, but God wanted to give me a chance by me sparing his life. It was more or less like a hypothetical situation where David signed his own death warrant in 2 Samuel 12:1-10.

So the moment I cursed him, instead of forgiving him, I signed my own death warrant. The plan was now fully in motion. Nevertheless, as I was driving, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to forgive him, being reminded to forgive “70 x 7” times a day (Matthew 18:21-22). I then forgave him and took back my words.

Hey Look! It’s Your Death-day!

death-warrant-armed-robberyI picked the person and we had dinner at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba. I then dropped the person back at Ilasa immediately after dinner. As I drove back the same way I came, I noticed that cars were turning back. I was confused because that’s the exact same route I just followed a few minutes ago, and there was no sign of any trouble. Besides, I was somewhat confident because there was a police checkpoint just about two or three streets away.

So I started driving slowly, giving the car ahead of me a little distance. I kept going slowly, while trying to ask one of the cars that turned back what was going on, but none answered. The next thing I knew was three to five guys just showed up on the side of the road and opened fire on the car ahead of me. They shot it at least five times until it finally stopped, then kept shooting into the car.


I immediately started turning around while praying, covering myself with the blood of Jesus. Then they started chasing after me like vicious animals, shooting. As if it was not enough, that was when my car decided to just go off on its own. By God’s grace, I immediately restarted it and finished turning. Then the car behind me refused to carry last, and started turning around too, thereby temporarily blocking my way of escape. Beloved, it was like all roads led to my imminent death that night.

Death Warrant Overturned

Finally, the car behind finished his turn and we zoomed off. Miraculously, it turned out the hoodlums stopped chasing after me and started attacking other passersby. There was no other explanation for them not getting to me with all the time it took just to turn around. I then went and passed Oshodi Expressway, while still praying because I still didn’t understand the nature and span of the attack, whether it was a robbery, cult operation, etc.

While driving to safety, I then remembered the event with that motorist who tried to hit me earlier. All I could think of was how the event would have turned out if I didn’t forgive him. I started putting all the pieces together, and it dawned on me that I reversed my death warrant by forgiving that man.


O Death, Where is Your Sting?

Is that how I would have just died because I wanted to hang out with someone who may or least likely give a damn about me? Is that how I would have been in danger with eternity because of unforgiveness?

I learnt a lot of lessons that night, summary being that we must be prepared at all times. Life can be that short. Always rid your heart of grudges and forgive others. It doesn’t mean you should be naive and let the same thing repeat itself. Also, the Holy Spirit is speaking, be mindful of His corrections and watch out for warning signs.

One of the easiest ways Satan gets at people is through offences. My most recent experience was leaving a soccer group. It may be argued that I overreacted, but I was just receiving constant attacks and I realized that it was all Satan. I just quickly separated myself completely and forgave them, and I have had peace ever since. Satan just wants to preoccupy us with offences and grudges. In fact, it’s not just about eternal damnation; he wants to mess with the answers to your prayers here on earth. This is because forgiveness is strongly linked to answers to prayers (Matthew 6:14, Mark 11:25, Psalm 18:25).


Death-warrant-birthdayI am alive today to celebrate my birthday and give this testimony/admonishment by the grace of God, but I strongly believe that my death warrant was overturned by forgiveness. Forgive! Forgive! Forgive!

Happy New Month!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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