It all started off like a joke, a home video or a soap opera. She usually came to the office after working hours to sell her merchandise, majorly clothing, but she never came to me; she would just greet me and pass by. One day, she came to me and marketed her goods, which I refused, since I already had enough at that time. Yet, she didn’t leave, she just sat down beside me and so I couldn’t ignore her, I had to pay attention to her. In love, I opened up and started talking to her, and from there, we started talking.

I flowed with her in whatever direction she went and she seemed to enjoy my company. We talked and talked about anything possible. The more she felt more comfortable, the more she opened up to me and we talked about more private and personal things. We even browsed together on my PC and she didn’t want to go again. I don’t want to mention the kind of things we talked about so nobody judges me. It was getting late, so she bade my colleague goodbye and left. About two days later, she came to the office again, still with her bag of merchandise, but this time she didn’t market anything; she came straight to me first, dropped her bag, went in to greet my colleague whom she originally came to sell stuffs to and then came back to me. I know I could be addictive sometimes, but I rarely show that part of me; it turned out I had opened up and she was now addicted. We talked at length again, purely matured talks, it got late and she left.

She came again the next week and it was now official that I was the main reason. We talked and talked as usual, but this time, the conversation which had nothing to do with religion somehow dabbled into it. For me, once I hear anything relating to my father, it’s like an addiction, I just start talking about Him. I sensed she wasn’t a Christian, so I asked her if she was a Christian and she said she was a Muslim. It is a principle for me never to preach or argue with a Muslim or a Catholic, except I am led by the Spirit; so I was just about to change topic just before she continued talking about her religious beliefs, and then listened on.


She said she was born a Muslim, then went to a Christian school and tried to be a Christian but she didn’t like what they were doing, those she came in contact were hypocrites, and also, she didn’t agree with the ascription of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, or God the Son. She only recognized Jesus as a prophet of God just like Mohammad, as the Muslims do. She therefore went back to Islam and had been there ever since. The moment she said this, the Holy Spirit ministered to my soul that this girl was special and was not like the other Muslims, that she had a chance to be converted. So I broke my principle and started preaching to her.

Usually, whenever I talk about God, the Holy Spirit does all the talking, I just later realize all I have said, and I’m like “Did I just say all that?” So I just started talking and I came from a totally new angle I have never done before. I first of all told her how special and lucky she was, that she was different and she had a strong chance. I then began judging her based on her Islamic beliefs, I even had to browse for the Quran just get out more facts. By the time I was done, based on all the Islamic rules and laws, it was concluded that she couldn’t keep up with them and that she was perpetually going against the Islamic god, Allah whom she recognized as God, and she wasn’t ready to change and start obeying all the numerous laws. She was therefore sentenced to hell, a sentence she totally agreed with as just, according to the laws of Islam. “Since it has been established that you will burn in hell according to Islam, why not try Jesus, who died for your sins and will save you by his grace through your personal relationship with him?” I said to her. I then told her that she could never keep up with those laws and introduced grace to her. I introduced her to a personal relationship she could have with God without any pressure. I used different scenarios as He gave me utterance. By this time, it had gotten late, so she left. I was even scared that she’d never come back.


Two weeks later, she came back. We then continued from where we stopped. This time, after answering all her questions and convincing her beyond all reasonable doubt, she saw the light. She agreed to everything I said and was ready to establish a personal relationship with God, but there was one last problem, she still did not believe Jesus was the Son of God and our mediator, which of course, is even the main thing. It was still like blasphemy to her. It had gotten late again, but this time, I walked her and continued preaching to her. The Holy Spirit then gave me new light concerning the Trinity and the role of Jesus in the three, being one with the father. By the grace of God, as we walked and talked, she later came to agree with my theory of Jesus being the son of God as against the whole confusion of Jesus actually being God.

Born againThe next week, she came back and this time, it was the final initiation. She agreed that Jesus was the son of God and he died for her sins, she agreed that she was saved by grace through faith and she agreed to accept Jesus as her Lord and personal saviour. Right there in the office (of course, it was during closing hours), I prayed with her and it became official from that point on; she’s born again. I bought her a Bible and I took her out for a sumptuous meal, and we all lived happily ever after with the Lord.


I have nothing left to say than to thank the Lord for her life and His grace upon her. It is God’s will that we all should be saved and this is a living proof for me. If you are reading this testimony and you haven’t accepted Christ, and you have even condemned yourself because of your numerous sins, I have good news, Jesus loves you and his arms are wide open to receive no matter what you’ve done. Besides, I personally don’t think there is any whose sins are greater than mine, but here I am, forgiven and saved by grace through my acceptance of his love. Just say this prayer with me:

“Lord Jesus, I humbly come before you today. Please forgive and have mercy on me for all my sins and shortcomings, both consciously and unconsciously. I acknowledge I’ve gone astray, please come into my life even as I accept you as my Lord and personal saviour; write my name in the book of life and help me to remain steadfast till the end, amen”

Cheers on receiving Christ today!

Please don’t hesitate to say a word of prayer for our new born and every other lovely soul that has joined our fold today, that the devil may never snatch them back and that no matter what, the grace of God will always be sufficient for them and we shall all be at one with our Lord on that glorious day.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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