Today, we would be discussing on why it is very important to stay as far away from judges as possible. There is a very big scam going on in Christianity and that is the scam of judgment and condemnation used to play on the liberty of true Christians, to cage them into the bondage of guilt and sin, by which they will never feel worthy to make certain advancements in life. This scam is also used to dictate the present and future of these Christians using their past, by which they can never amount to anything outside what these judges have planned for them.

I don’t know about you, but nobody messes with me. You can’t compete with me in the sins and nasty things I’ve done, and I acknowledge them all, but those that have tried to judge or condemn me have regretted with significant portions of their lives because I know my God and I remain strong. Today, we will prove that judgement and condemnation were key players in the downfall of man from the very beginning so that you understand how serious the matter is.

Imagine the Very Impact of Judges from the Beginning

Judges pointing fingersFrom one angle, we can hypothesize that just as man was put in charge of the whole world from the very beginning of time, man’s fall didn’t just comprise of the act of disobedience, but also the act of fault finding and judging others which blinded him from his relationship with his maker who was love in Himself (1John 4:7-8) and had always been merciful. Remember that God has been merciful from the very beginning, His mercies and compassion fail not, right? In fact, they are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23).

Now let’s look at Genesis 3. After Eve had reportedly fallen for the serpent’s true crap (it was crap, but it wasn’t necessarily a lie, their eyes indeed were opened – vs. 7) and given to Adam who didn’t even ask questions, he just foolishly ate the fruit (na my wife pluck am gimme), then God innocently calling on His son who also innocently was afraid with guilt and hid himself (vs. 9-10); God then asked him the first “2 in 1” hot seat question in the history of the world:

“Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?” (vs. 11).

This is where we test our hypothesis from the domino responses of Adam and Eve. Now look at Adam’s immediate response in vs. 12:

“The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.”

When God turned to Eve (see how they were pushing God around) in vs. 13, this was her own response:

“The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”

Notice that God did not turn to the serpent for its own response, He immediately cursed it based on the domino accusations of Adam and Eve. Then He went ahead and cursed Eve and lastly, Adam. But notice that He first asked each of them for an answer. We therefore confirm our hypothesis with Isaiah 43:25-26 where God Himself says:

“I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins. Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.”

So God cannot contradict Himself and that’s why from the beginning, He gave them a chance to state their case, but instead of tapping into God’s mercy and love for one another, their first instinct was to judge others and point fingers. That is why the Bible says in 1 Peter 4:8

“And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.”

Can we see how serious this matter is? It’s so serious, that we have just proven how significant it was in the downfall of man.


Now Imagine What Judges Could Have Done

Judges-finger-pointingGod had promised and promised Abraham from Genesis 12-18 until He finally made a covenant with him in chapters 15 and 17. The Bible makes us to understand in Chapter 15 vs. 6 that Abraham believed in the LORD; and God counted it to him for righteousness. So Abraham was made righteous just by believing, he was righteous! In Genesis 12, Abraham started by disobeying God and carrying Lot with him even after God had instructed him to get out from his kindred and his father’s house (vs. 1).

He then went ahead and deceived Pharaoh into thinking Sarah was his sister, who was later punished by God even after being a victim of Abraham’s 419 (scam). It didn’t end there, Abraham still left Egypt a rich man because of that scam (vs. 16 & chapter 13 vs. 2).

In chapter 14, Abraham slaughtered the 4 kings who captured lot – Abraham killed people for Lot. He then refused to take anything from the king of Sodom claiming that he would later say he was the one that made him rich. Is that not hypocrisy? (vs. 23).

In Chapter 16, Abraham then went and slept with Hagar on the request of his wife, Sarah; even after all the promises and covenant God had already made with him. After sleeping with her, at the complaint of Sarah, he basically did away with her (use and dump) by handing her over to Sarah to do whatever she wanted to do to/with her. Of course, Sarah dealt with her so harshly, that she ran away (vs. 6). Guess what? It doesn’t end there; he gave her belle (impregnated her) and gave birth to Islam. We are suffering from the horrors of Islam all over the world today because of that one-night-stand.

In chapter 17, God established a covenant with him again and now even changed their names from Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah. In chapter 18, Abraham entreated God and His angels to a meal in his house. God reaffirmed His promise again in vs. 10. Guess what? Sarah did not just doubt in unbelief, she laughed in her heart, meaning that she was actually being sarcastic to God (vs. 12). When God fished her inward sarcasm out, she then openly lied and denied laughing again (vs. 15).

Now, imagine all the atrocities of this couple, Abraham and Sarah. Their scam just reminds me of Ananais and Sapphira. But read Hebrew 11 accounting for the faith escapades of our fathers and mothers, Abraham and Sarah alone take up vs. 8-19 (12 verses out of 40) and none speak of the negative things they did. Abraham’s name alone appears in 70 verses in the New Testament and none account for any of the negative things we just fished out above from the actual record of the events. Here’s what judges would say to Abraham:

“Abraham, you are a chronic sinner, you don’t have the fear of God. How can you be expecting God to give you a child from Sarah after sleeping with Haggar and getting her pregnant? How could you? And you say you are born again? You are not broken. Look at how you even lied to Pharaoh and even still left with all the goodies he gave you. Hypocrite! Doesn’t that portray greed? You are a violent man Abraham. Look at how you slaughtered all those kings with their soldiers just to rescue Lot. Isn’t that mass murder? Who sent Lot message in the first place? Who gave you the right to kill? God cannot bless you like this, you are not a candidate of God’s blessing. Go and make your heart right with God first before you can receive any of His promises. For now, just take back bench please. The church elders and authorities have decided that you should go and warm the back bench with Sarah who also a wicked person. Look at how she treated Haggar, after setting her up in the first place. Liar and hypocrite, she even denied laughing at the promise of God. May God have mercy on your souls”.

If Abraham were to be like many of us today, he would have used his own mouth and confessed the crap of judgment and condemnation that the very same church which he thinks comprises of his brothers and sisters in Christ have sentenced him to. He would not amount to anything! He would not believe God. The hypocrites who condemned him will also not amount to anything, but they won’t allow him amount to anything. But thank God Abraham knew his God and he understood that he was in right standing with God no matter what he did.

That’s exactly what happened in Eden. Adam and Eve started pointing fingers while they were as black as the charcoal kettle. If they acknowledged their wrong and asked God for mercy, I believe things would have turned out differently, because God punished them, drove them out of the Garden and still set Cherubims to stand guard over the tree of life again. He didn’t have to go that far. But they judged one another, they couldn’t hide each other’s sin, and that blinded them from their own wrong and denied them mercy from their father which they always had access to.

Another Scenario – Moses

Judges point fingerNow look at Numbers 12, where Moses married an Ethiopian woman. Look at the first response of Miriam and Aaron; they started judging him (vs. 1-2). The Bible had to emphasize in a bracket that Moses was the meekest man on earth at that time, after their words of judgment against him. This also meant that Moses would never condemn or judge others. In fact, if you read about Moses, you would notice that he kept defending and interceding for the Israelites in the presence of God. Each time God wanted to destroy them, Moses would step in and convince God against such action.

Now, he married an Ethiopian, what do his siblings – who also happened to be very powerful people in Israel at the time – do? They start judging him, finding faults, even judging his calling and comparing their ministry to his. You’ve read the story, you can see how God dealt with them, especially Miriam. It was the same Moses who interceded on her behalf again.


Imagine what such judgment against Moses could have done. Since they were already comparing their ministries to his and had arrived at the conclusion that there was nothing special about Moses, equaling themselves to him; they could have taken over the leadership of Israel. If God had not stepped in at that moment, they could have ousted Moses. They already made a golden calf while he was on the mountain receiving the tablets from God, now they also heard from God, no need for Moses again. Besides, they had gotten a fault to use against him.

In fact, note that Moses couldn’t speak against them, besides they had a valid accusation, he married out of the camp of Israel. They had already gotten hold of his confidence. But 99% good and they just waited for that 1% to be bad and pounce on him? Do you know that Christians judge Moses as having an anger problem? They say he couldn’t manage his anger. In my paper, “The Downfall of Moses”, I answer such critics. Thank God for His righteousness, judgment and justice.



Judges effect on peopleThe danger of judges is that they won’t necessarily amount to anything, but they won’t allow you to amount to anything. Some have gotten to where they are by fowl means, so they have no sense of human dignity. Majority are just like the Pharisees, that’s why I also call them “Modern Pharisees” and they become automatic hypocrites. Matthew 23 is dedicated to them. Over and over again, Jesus shouts “Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” all through that chapter. In vs. 4, Jesus says,

“For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.”

Again, in vs. 13 he says,

“…for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.”

Do you see what I’m saying? This is no joke! I hear Black Americans now saying “The battle is in the mind” when responding to racism in the US. They are right to a large extent in their own argument. But in this argument, yes, the battle is also in the mind, just as our Christian war against the devil is (Romans 7:25). Once these judges get hold of your self-worth, righteousness and liberty in Christ, they’ve gotten you. It affects everything.

They will hold on to your past to dictate your present, even when God has blotted out your transgressions, they become your determinant of forgiveness. They dictate where, when and how you pray, where and how you worship, what you wear, how you look, how and what you eat, what you drink, what and how to give, what you can expect from God, your future, and even you eternal state. They dictate everything!

Be careful who you open up to, if you’re not strong enough, that might just be your end. I remain strong by the infinite mercies and grace of God upon my life through Jesus Christ. I was riding down the road last night and saw couples everywhere at different corners and I just laughed and said to myself “If only they could come and get advice from the master”. I have seen how people struggle just to have carnal fun, and I just laugh, “If only they could come and get advice from the master”. I see through many people and many situations, how they just deceive themselves and become hypocrites and I just laugh, “If only they could listen to the one who has done the nastiest of things and committed the most sin in the world”.

I’m throwing a bone out there, waiting for the first dog to catch it.

“So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at (me).” (John 8:7, emphasis mine).

I’m no hypocrite, yes I’ve done many wrongs that mature and immature minds cannot comprehend, sue me!

Me I go yan, I go speak my mind, e never finish… Till the next issue, take hold of who you are in Christ, take hold of the sacrifice of Christ for you, take hold of your righteousness in Christ, take hold of your liberty through Christ, take hold of the forgiveness that you have freely received on a real-time basis just by believing and confessing Christ that one time (and also forgive and not judge others); take hold of your destiny, take hold of your future; take hold of your right standing with God. No man can judge you!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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