Personally, I had been going through a lot for a long period of time. I had even gotten to that stage where I listed all my sins as much as I could remember from birth, confessed them and asked for forgiveness and mercy. I judged and sentenced myself for each sin, giving God all possible reasons and rights to the best of my knowledge, to take my life with immediate effect; only for me to wake up the next morning. The question then was – Does God really care? Does He really love me personally? Why does He just keep quiet and doesn’t speak? And then one day, He made me realize how much He tries to let us know the depth of His love through so many random situations and phenomena in our day-to-day lives. But we are always so encompassed by our wants, lusts, desires and demands that we just can’t see. In this episode, God wants to use our daily phenomenon of falling in love to depict just about how much more He loves us.

Falling in Love

Have you ever fallen in loveSo, have you ever fallen in love? Yes I have, I don’t know about you, but I certainly have. Let’s set aside the whole brotherly love and love your neighbour as yourself thing for now. We are talking about affection here, this is different from the love you have for your siblings, church members or friends. That one is conditional because, for example, concerning your family now, you will tell me “blood is thicker than water”; concerning friends and church members, you would say “love your neighbour as yourself”. But falling in love is one that defies reason and purpose, that is why lovers are tagged as “fools in love”. This is a daily phenomenon that we all go through one way or the other. When falling in love; we mostly go through a lot of pain, hurt and emotional instability, it’s not a laughing matter at all. If you haven’t really fallen in love with someone before, you might not necessarily see the light in this, but I pray God opens your heart and eyes to see.

My Love Story

I saw this girl in a gospel programme which I attended and she was actually an usher. I don’t know what started happening to me but I just couldn’t concentrate anymore, even when the pastor was preaching. Thank God I was born again because if coincidentally, that programme was to save me, I would have been finished. There was just something about this usher of a girl that trapped me. At first, I thought I was just lusting after her, but then I realized, this was no joke, something was really up. I tried to prove to myself that it was all a mirage, but after the programme ended and I saw her leaving, it was like a part of me was gone. Then I knew I was in love, an unconditional love or what you might call “love at first sight” or what I call “The Eve effect.” Why am I adding this part of the story? So that I can prove to you that indeed, I fell in love and it was no joke.


After she left, I later tried to get her number from one of the organizers, which I was successful in doing. I gave her a call and I started off from there. I never left out prayer from this and asked God for His guidance and direction, including signs. We started off on a good note, but after a while, things just changed, she really downgraded me and completely wrote me off – a whole me. She indeed acted very disrespectfully to me, but in all these, I noticed something unusual, I still loved and cared about her. All my thoughts for her were good and even in all my pain, the only thing I could wish for her was a happy ending. I really prayed to God concerning this, asking Him for His will. I want you to know that in all my life, I have never prayed on a matter as I have done on this. This was really quite unusual for me, because I am an advocate for the truth, judgment and justice. I believe in doing to others what you want others to do to you and all that, according to the words of Christ. So I naturally won’t do this concerning her, but rather just wish justice is served.

Now, in order not to continue being humiliated and disrespected by someone junior and minor to me in all ramifications, I chose to let her be and leave her alone, taking my mind off her, but I realized that no matter how much I tried, I just still really cared about her. When I heard about even the slightest need of hers, I would just want to make sure she lacks nothing even when I had nothing.  What began to really hurt me was not just her attitude, but the fact that I wasn’t allowed to care or help when I unconditionally wanted and felt I needed to. I still kept praying to God concerning the matter, but what I saw in the spiritual never corresponded with the physical, so I still chose to leave her alone, never to contact her again.


God’s Love and Message

I was going on an assignment one morning, and I saw this girl, I diverted and avoided her, and went my way, but I just knew that I still very much cared. Then God opened my eyes and understanding to see His love and hear His voice in this situation, and these were His revelations:

i.    If I, mere man in the full nature of sin (mind you, I am the greatest sinner), can love someone so much, without quid pro quo (anything in return), even with all the insults, disrespect, downgrading, humiliation and inconsiderable rejection, how much more does God indeed love His children, even after all we’ve done against Him, He still cares and has mercy on us.

ii.   We are rejecting His love and good will for us and substituting it for our own will. All He wants to do is love and care for us and all He wants is for us to believe in Him, but no, this is the way we want it and that is the way it must be, and in the end; we end up regretting.

ii.    If in all your sins, atrocities, pains and all forms of negativity, you can ever have a moment, maybe personally, a church service, random teaching or article, when you just smile and for that split moment, you believe in God, even though after a little while, your depressions take over again; that is enough proof that there is hope and He still cares.

Some bible verses that remind us of the depth of God’s love
i.    Psalms 34: 15-22
ii.   Psalm 106
iii.  Matthew 6: 25-34
iv.   Matthew 11: 28
v.    John 3: 16
vi.   Ephesians 3: 20

Summary and Suggestions

We fall in love with one person, just one person and we are badly hurt and heartbroken because we are painfully rejected, and the most painful feeling is that at those points in time, we still love and care about these heart breakers even though with time, we still get over them and send them packing from our hearts. At least now we have a picture of what God goes through every millisecond because of over 6 (six) billion people including you and me, and yet, He still loves us and He never gets over us, He never stops loving us, His love towards us is beyond measure. John 3:16 says

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

This shows the magnitude of God’s love towards us, He so loved the world. That is why Jesus will deny a lot of people on that day because on earth, they didn’t embrace His love and sacrifice for us.


I am definitely not using this medium to start trying to convince one girl to say yes or she would regret or she won’t go to heaven; or that all those inconsiderate heartbreakers will all pay for what they’ve done if they don’t come into our lives; that one is between them and God. I just want you to take out time to realize how much God loves you looking at it from this perspective, and embrace His unending love once again.

Finally, I just want you to use this medium to reconnect with God if like me, you’ve gone astray and have denied His love, and if you actually haven’t accepted Christ as your lord and personal saviour, then I think you need to do that today, because no one knows tomorrow, even Jesus doesn’t know the exact time He’ll come, God only knows. Please say this prayer with me “Lord Jesus, please forgive and have mercy on me of all my sins, both consciously and unconsciously.  I acknowledge I’ve gone astray, please come into my life even as I accept You as my lord and personal saviour; write my name in the book of life and help me to remain steadfast till the end, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Always praise God, bless and thank Him and tell Him how much you love Him. Psalm 34:5 says “I will bless the LORD at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth”. It might not be easy considering what you’re going through, but just try. You can start with a song and a prayer a day, you can pray and praise Him at any time, even when walking, or in the office, and if you can’t speak out at that moment, praise Him in your heart and pray.

Always remember, HE LOVES YOU!!! Don’t you ever forget that!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2012 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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