It is no longer a new fact that God speaks to us and tries to tell us how much He loves us in our daily lives on so many occasions. In the last episode, “Have You Ever Fallen in Love?” God showed us His love through the daily phenomenon of falling in love and I’m sure we were all blessed by His revelation. In this episode, we would take a look at God’s love toward us using the daily traffic situation. One afternoon, I was going to an eatery to get brunch as usual, and just as I was about to cross the road to get to my destination, God ministered to my soul on how much He loves us and how He clears and has been clearing the roads for us to cross over safely from day 1 (one) till now.

Crossing the road

In Nigeria, and other developing countries, we all know that the road structure is bad and in some cases, really bad. The traffic lights don’t work, few pedestrian passages, and if you dear try to walk freely on a zebra crossing, you have practically started your burial arrangements. I am a living testimony of this. I recently wanted to majestically walk freely on a zebra crossing; the funny thing was that there was actually a speed bump just before the zebra crossing. I had already gone half way when this mad man (yes, mad man) driving in a Toyota space wagon started coming with full speed; I was still walking majestically listening to some soothing gospel music (besides, I expected him to stop, at least because of the bump), when this man just ran over the bump, then I realised I had to run. This mad man still stopped his car telling me how crazy I was for walking majestically like that on a zebra crossing with my earphones, I then replied him (after I had ran over to safety) that he acted injudiciously, this man actually wanted to get down from the car and fight me, I quickly started walking away, while my heart was beating heavily. Every day, we are always in motion, going to work, church, a party, a club, etc., we just keep going somewhere.

On major occasions, we are always on the road and whether we are mobile or not, there will always be a time when we have to cross the road or walk down the road. I remember back in 2006, I was coming back from campus fellowship night vigil back in university. I was an usher and I had just stood about 5hours straight all through the night and I was feeling really good about it. On my way back to the hostel, at about 5am, seeing that of course it was very early and no sign of movements on the road, I decided to cross over to other lane where oncoming cars would be facing me, and I started strolling down happily to my hostel, I was so proud of myself. If any car were to be coming, I definitely would have seen it at once. The next thing I knew was I just saw a bright light behind me, a mad driver who was probably on his way back from a club decided to leave his own lane and take the wrong lane facing oncoming traffic meaning he was coming behind me, while I was expecting him in front of me. I still don’t know how I cleared the road till this day, but I just know I found myself at the other side and by the time I would looking forward, the car was already gone. That’s how fast that driver was, on a campus road and on the opposing lane. Till this day, it remains a miracle, of course the next week, I quickly went to give a testimony at the fellowship. If not for God, I wouldn’t be alive to tell this story today.


Now have you just ever wondered how you actually cross these roads from one side to the other, and how you have actually been crossing these roads for decades and you’re still alive, escaping death? You know it’s really funny, with all these mad drivers around? Just think about it. It might sound ridiculous, but trust me; God has really been ordering your footsteps.

You don’t miss your steps

One day, I was about to cross an expressway coming back from a church (there was no overhead bridge), and I and other pedestrians lined up by the side preparing for the slightest chance to run over. The coast wasn’t clear enough, yet a man just ran through. As he ran, the first thing that crossed my mind was – What if he falls? Sometimes when we drive through or are on-board a vehicle, we see accident victims on the highway and the first thought running through our minds is – how it happened? Like I said earlier on, God has really been ordering our footsteps.

God has been protecting us all these years, but we hardly see the depth of His love through this. It is only when there is a fatal accident and we hear of miracles that we think God truly loves us. Also, some people have accidents and they die, then everybody starts blaming God and condemning Him, saying He doesn’t actually care, but they forget all the years that same God has been guiding their footsteps. Many times we see people stumble and fall as they walk, they hit a little stone and they trip over or the place is slippery and they have to perform a compulsory breakdance to gain their balance, some even fall inside the nearby gutter (LOL), but never do all these happen on the main road. Why? Because God is ordering our footsteps and protecting us. He can afford to allow us stumble by the side (although His angels are still there to bear us up in their hands), but He can’t afford to let that happen when we are on the road.


When next you are crossing the road, I want you to look at other people as they cross over, watch their steps and you will see that you have been passing through death traps all these years, then you will appreciate God and realise that He really loves you.

The road always clears for you to cross over

Yet again, on my way to this eatery, I just realised that on a normal day, I hate running when crossing the road. As a prince (that I am, being a child of God), I have to always walk majestically, it’s not my fault, it’s just who I am; but it never occurred to me how I have actually been walking majestically across these roads, sometimes even on the highways; but of course, highway? I over 50% on the run. This is what has been happening:  I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron (Isaiah 45:2). God has been clearing the roads for me right from day one (1). Come now, let’s reason together, this is not simple logic, this is a mystery; no matter how much cars are on the road, somehow, they just clear for you to cross. By reason of logic, it is practically impossible for someone to cross over an expressway, which is why we have overhead bridges; because the cars are running at a minimum of about 80km/hour, yet when you are about to cross, the road just clears. This is an act of God’s love toward us.

When next you are waiting to cross over, just take a look at the cars in motion and see how they just clear and give chance for you to cross, then you will see the hand work of God’s love for you.

Driving or in a vehicle

We always hear of brake failures, tyres bursting and rolling out, in fact, my brother was a victim last year. His tyre rolled out while he was on the express way and he saw his tyre run passed him, thank God for His mercies, but can you just imagine? God is constantly protecting us, but we just don’t know. We are always on the move driving or in a public transport, yet we always get to our destinations. Anything could happen, anything, but God is constantly protecting us. As we drive by, we see accident scenes and we just wonder how possible it could have been, we see cars squashed, tumbled and burnt, yet we still ride majestically in our flashy cars, danfos and molues (overused buses and passenger trucks), all because He loves us. I remember one night I was test driving and I got to a point where the road was unlevelled, I had driven past that road for years, but not on high speed so I never noticed the effect of that part of the road. When I got there, the car bounced and I lost control of the steering, somehow, the car regained its balance and I regained control of the steering and slowed down. When I passed that area, I took my time to thank my God, then drove back home. Ever since that time, whenever I get to that point I have always known what to do. They say experience is the best teacher. The point is, I lost control of the car, but God steered me back on track. God indeed is faithful.


Surviving accidents

The first time I had an accident was a long time ago, I was 7 (I think) and I was actually coming back from a prayer service with my mum that morning. I was walking by her side, just strolling and the next thing I knew, I was up in the sky; a car had hit me and I flew up and hit the ground, that’s all I could remember. The next thing I knew, I just jumped from the floor (people had gathered around me), and I started shouting, “Where’s my slippers, where’s my slippers” and people were just looking at me amazed, like I was crazy, just being seriously knocked down. Not a single bone was broken, I only had a little scratch on my cheek (I can’t even remember which one). I’ve also had car accidents and survived and I’m sure millions of people have their own different testimonies as well, who do you think was responsible for our salvation at those times? No one but God!


Our past and present are important, but should not dictate our future for the worst. We have all questioned God’s love in the past and have let situations take us away from Him, yet every millisecond He loves us, just because He loves us and He wants us to realise how much and stop murmuring and groaning, and rather praise and worship Him, glorify and fellowship with Him, and give Him all our heart, body and soul. There are numerous other situations and random occurrences that God love still speaks through, just have it at the back of your mind that He loves you, He is in you, He is with you and He is for you.

If you haven’t accepted Christ as your lord and personal saviour, then I think you need to do so today, remember, no one knows tomorrow. Please say this prayer with me “Lord Jesus, please forgive and have mercy on me for all my sins, both consciously and unconsciously.  I acknowledge I’ve gone astray, please come into my life even as I accept You as my lord and personal saviour; write my name in the book of life and help me to remain steadfast till the end, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Today, tell and prove to God how much you love Him and remember, HE LOVES YOU!!! Don’t you ever forget that!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

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