I am a huge fan of “24”; I followed the show from Season 1 up till the then assumed season finale, Season 8, and after a long break, Season 9. There is one major quality many will confirm inherent in Jack Bauer; and that is his integrity, his ‘word’. All he needed to do was to give you his word, either to help you or to kill you, and he made sure he fulfilled it. Nevertheless, this is not about Jack Bauer, this is about Christ and our supposed nature as Christians. In growing in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we must also be conscious of that one quality of God that He counts above every other thing – His Word. In this first part, we would be talking about the spiritual logic behind your word and its connection to the production of faith-fuelled results.

The Spiritual Connection and Logic

Being a Christian means believing in and being a follower of Christ. This means that we must imbibe his qualities and nature. Being conscious of the value and integrity placed on the fulfillment of your word opens the door to the miraculous and activates faith to produce tangible results. Jesus said in Mark 11:23,

“For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

You see, we talk about imbibing the very nature of Christ because all his qualities are connected to the production of faith-fuelled results. If you attach no value to your promises to people, this means that when you give them your word to fulfill your promises; you have no intention of performing it. The more you keep diminishing the value of your word to people, the more you diminish your ability to believe in God doing the impossible. You would have deceived so many people and killed so many hopes that it will limit your own faith in God. At the end of the day, you won’t even believe in the power of your words anymore because you have traded it away for deceit.


In Mark 11:23 above, Jesus said whosoever believes that those things he says shall come to pass will certainly have whatsoever he says. He said “whatsoever” and he meant “whatsoever” meaning every statement you make. That wasn’t limited to just focused prayer, he said “whatsoever he saith” meaning anything! If you therefore can deal with your integrity through the value placed on your word to people, I believe that you can’t have a problem with believing God for the fulfillment of His word. If you can take your word seriously and believe you will fulfill it before even committing yourself, there is no how you will not believe that any request you make to God would or has already been answered.

Public Perceptions

Your word worthAt the same time, what are people saying about you? What name have you gotten for yourself? I remember going to buy Suya one evening and after placing my order, I was waiting for the different parts of the animal I ordered to be fully roasted. Then came a security man to place an order. The moment the Aboki (Suya seller) saw him selecting a piece of meat, we already knew the outcome; the security man had no money and wanted to take it for free and promise the Aboki that he would bring the money the next day.

You see, he and his kind had been playing that card for a while, telling sellers that they shouldn’t worry; they would pay them the next day. The Abokis had already labeled and marked his kind so that except they brought out their money, they wouldn’t sell to them. That security man just disgraced himself in front of everybody. The Aboki refused to let go of N200 Suya even after much pleading by the security man for about 15minutes. That’s exactly what it can lead to for anyone who has lost the integrity of his word. Nobody would believe you again and you won’t even believe yourself!


Wrongly Placed Orders

In reality, we might also make wrong commitments out of the deceitful influence of social pressures and manipulations of people based on our nature. We need to be smart and always act in judgment and justice. If someone gets you to commit yourself to giving him/her a particular amount of money and you are still looking for sugar to add to the Ijebu garri you can only afford to drink for 3 days, call the person and release yourself from that commitment. If the person doesn’t want to reason with you, then that’s your evidence of evil intention.

It is true that David, while pointing out certain qualities of a man of God said “He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not” (Psalm 15:4); we will analyze this further in the second part of this message. But put it in the context of judgment and justice. If you are hungry based on a genuine lack of funds and come and meet me for food and I don’t even have enough for myself; I will commit myself into giving you something to survive based on the fact that I have a better chance at keeping both of us alive. It will hurt me, seeing that it would shorten my ration, but I have to fulfill my word no matter what.


But if as stated above, you get me into committing myself to give you money for BIS or Brazilian hair, you’re just wasting your time. Except if I have in abundance, even though it hurts me that I have been sweet talked into wasting my money on invaluable things, I have to fulfill it. Nonetheless, if I don’t have the resources, I will call you immediately and release myself from that commitment, and if the person is genuine, I will know. However, when I have in abundance, I am still obliged to fulfill my word and there’s a high tendency that I will fulfill it; but I will never deceive anyone into expecting a promise that I cannot or will not perform.

It might seem complicated, but we must be careful when making commitments, weighing every commitment with the love, judgment and justice; and watch out for manipulations. Remember, if the devil manipulates you into signing an agreement, Christ has redeemed you from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13), so don’t let the devil use you.


The value you place on your casual promises to people is as important as the value you place on God’s promises to you. The value you place on your word will definitely influence the production of faith-fuelled results in your life. So start placing high value on your word today, to the point that all people need is for you to give them your word and they are rest assured that you will fulfill it or communicate any changes in the commitment based on circumstances to them. Once you fully graduate into this level, then you will notice that the level of your faith will be high and you will be producing miraculous results.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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