I want to testify to the goodness and mercies of the Lord for making a way where there literally was no way, and that way led to plenty. I should have shared this testimony a long time ago, but it’s never too late.

A Sad Tale

A few months back, I was faced with a very painful and impossible situation mixed with injustice and wickedness. It was so bad, that I actually lost a couple of domains and was even at the verge of losing this site which is one of the important things – if not the most important – to me in my service to God right now, along with two others. I was cheated and deprived of my right even when the person knew how important it was to me. I had to give everything I had; I emptied everywhere to save them and then I was left with absolutely nothing. I had no one, absolutely no one (it’s always just me and my God all the way though) to help me out. I actually made the error of contacting two people who were definitely in a financial position to help, asking to borrow. Despite all my explanations, none made any attempt in helping me out. It was just so painful and sad, and the sadness just further increased because I made the mistake of contacting them for help. It even got worse because I didn’t remember turning anyone down who came to me for help. I always made attempts for people even if it involved sacrifice. I was broke, lonely, rejected and sad. But of course, all this was within me, I didn’t show it out while I prayed and asked God to intervene.


Out of the Darkness

Light out of darknessOne day as I battled with the pain and confusion being in darkness and literally having no one, nor a lender of last resort, an idea just popped into my head that could not only put food on my table, but yield a huge increase for enjoyment. But every idea is just an idea until it becomes a reality. When I finally got to the end of the line, one morning, I was moved and convinced in the Spirit to pursue that idea, like it was God’s provision for me. It was my only option even though it seemed so impossible, because even though I attempted it, there was a human obstacle that was sure to steal my idea and betray me because it had to pass through due process – the person had done it on different occasions before.

To show that the idea was God’s provision and He already knew the reality of the obstacles before me, it was at that very point that the person decided to go on leave. It was like a setup strictly for me, to remove that obstacle and be pulled out of that utter darkness. By God’s grace, I initiated the process, passed through due process with no hiccups, betrayal or injustice and the idea became a reality. It then further opened a door for another breakthrough through an unexpected guest whom God made to be at peace with me (Proverbs 16:7). Immediately after the deals had been done, you won’t believe that the possible human obstacle decided to cut his/her leave short and resume back – as in, immediately, assuming it was finalized and matured on Friday, he/she resumed on Monday.



It was one of those points where I was done and then God just dropped an idea to get me out of the darkness. Like child’s play, it became a reality in one week and my pocket went from zero to tens of thousands which conveniently sustained me all through the period, I was in plenty and I never lacked any good thing. My websites were saved, except for the domains which I lost, and the plan of the devil was completely destroyed.

Praise God!!!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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