It is no longer new gist that we all face different kinds of situations and circumstances in life. As a matter of fact, it is how we make it through these situations that defines us. Going deeper, the situations and circumstances surrounding us give rise to who we really are. The lack of electricity gave rise to the invention of it; the lack and vacuum created by the absence of certain things have mostly given rise to the invention or solution to them. So, it is an established fact that we face different kinds of situations in life, but sometimes we just don’t have a ready solution or the necessary resources to arrest the situation, what then do we do at those points? We need to make the best of the situation. I would use a very brief and funny illustration to buttress my point and round up ASAP.

The Spectacular Man

Best of situationVery recently, I boarded a bus going to church for a “Faith Seminar” and while we waited for the bus to get filled up as usual, this particular man approached the bus. He was to be our saviour who would occupy the last seat and get us on our way. As he came closer, there was just something spectacular about him, something that made him stand out; what was that? It was his belt. It was love at first sight, so I yearned for him to come to the bus so I could admire that beauty of a belt. It looked so unique and spectacular from far, I had never seen anything like it.


When he got to the bus and was transacting with the driver just before he got in, I then had my chance to behold this beauty of a belt. To my amazement, the belt wasn’t looking spectacular anymore but strange and weird, yet still having that touch of class; I began to wonder what kind of belt it was and so I took a closer look around the circumference. Lo and behold! That belt was a black belt turned grey! This man had managed that black belt till it got old and began to grow grey hair all over. He then decided to make the best out of the situation, honouring Wole Soyinka by dying the whole belt grey so that we know that yes, it is now all grey. He had tried his very best to scrape all the faded black parts away but still had some black patches around which gave his cover up. I was even almost tempted to give him tips on how to scrape them neatly and get the belt looking like a new brand, but I wasn’t ready to get a slap or possibly a beating on my way to church.



Well, between the belt and the man, it may not have happened exactly as I analyzed; maybe the belt just systematically faded to a point where it almost looked neat, no I don’t think so! The point is, I was already deceived, it was only because of my inquisitive, analytical and investigative nature that led me to take a closer look. I doubt that anybody else paid attention to the belt, they probably just assumed it being a different brand at first site.

Start making the best out of situations today, have fun and praise the LORD!!!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2013 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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