I watched a movie a few years back, starring Jason Statham, in which a bullet was shot and it ricocheted against the sides of about three houses and went to a top floor window, hitting the occupant, who was a junkie, in the head. The chances of that happening in real life were so low; it had to be a movie. Nonetheless, I’ve heard of real life situations of people sitting in their houses and stray bullets hitting them right there in their living rooms. This and many other mishaps in highly protected environments have led me to confirm that of a truth, man can only project his protection, but it is God that ensures it. This will be proven by just two scriptures for us to understand the place of God’s presence in our lives, be conscious of His protection and value it more and more.

Unbelievable Events

There are many terrible events that have taken place on this earth, but some are just unbelievable. There is either no hint of danger or security measures have been fully taken to combat any possibility of danger. I have heard of people having their baths and they slip and fall, hitting their heads and dying.

Man projects - polish plane crashA few years back, the most powerful man in Poland died of a plane crash; it was his own presidential jet; that explains itself. The president is like the most highly protected man in any country. His/her itinerary and means of transport would have world class surveillance, maintenance and service checks before and after each journey; but the presidential jet still crashed; whether it was actually blown up or planned as suggested, or an accident.


Even most recently, a globally recognized and powerful man of God had his own private jet crash in his own country, killing him and everyone on board. His death has raised so much controversy with a lot of insensitive people using his ill fate to judge the authenticity of his ministry. Some are saying he ignored a warning which they suppose God must have given him. People are still looking for answers to why such a thing would happen to him; because, apart from the fact that it was a private jet which means more protection and more detailed maintenance and service checks, he was also a man of God.

I also remember the year a Bellview Airlines plane crashed (October, 2005); people started avoiding Bellview. I remember my friend talking of how his mother would shout on his father for continuing to fly with them. Unfortunately, two months later (December, 2005), another plane crashed, but this time it belonged to Sosoliso Airlines, also killing a lot of school children. Why did all these happen to these people? I don’t have the answer, but all these just point to the fact that it is God that protects; man can only project his protection, but it is God that seals it.


Scriptural Proof

While reading the book of Genesis again, I noticed something extraordinary with respect to Noah and the ark. Let’s look at Genesis 7:15-16, it says:

“And they went in unto Noah into the ark, two and two of all flesh, wherein is the breath of life. And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as God had commanded him: and the LORD shut him in.”

Did you see that? Yes! God told Noah to build an ark and even gave him the exact specifications, all of which Noah followed duly for his safety and survival. But it wasn’t the ark that sealed his protection, it was God. Noah entered into the ark with his family and all the animals as directed, but it was God that “shut him in”.

This is further confirmed in Psalm 127:1. It says:

“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

Tower of babel - man projectsYou’ve confirmed it for yourselves, except God’s hand is in the building process; watch the fate of that building. In fact, do you remember the tower of Babel as seen in Genesis 11:1-9? They decided to build a tower that will ascend to heaven, but God didn’t like the idea. Have you seen what came out of that tower? Except God keeps the city, the watchman is wasting his time.


Did we not watch as Boko Haram slaughtered about 2,000 people in northern Nigeria? They were reported to have attacked the military base and the soldiers were reported to have run away, of which many of them were reported to have consequently redeployed. In the absence of the discomfited soldiers, they had a field day destroying thousands of lives and properties. It is not that every other place in Nigeria is safe and highly protected, but God is keeping our own parts of the country.


So we’ve seen it all, we can only project our protection, but it is God that ensures it. Today, become more aware of His grace and mercies upon your life. Take hold of His promises of protection upon your life and family and be fully conscious of His role in sealing it by His word.

Remember, you can build an ark, but if God doesn’t shut you in, Titanic is proof. You can build the biggest buildings, but if God is not the project manager, the tower of Babel is proof. You can have the strongest armies or bodyguards, but if God isn’t keeping you, Abacha is proof.

A few of those promises can be found in Isaiah 54:14-17; Isaiah 49:24-26; Isaiah 43:1-5; Psalm 27:1-5; Genesis 12:3; Luke 10:19; etc.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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