…Continued from Part 1

The Call

As I walked away shaking my head and laughing, the Holy Spirit told me to go to the scene of the crime, but I didn’t care, it wasn’t my business. As I went farther away, He told me that my attention was needed there so I had no choice than to reverse and drive my legs down to the crime scene.

Bone of Contention…

Did I tell you what they did? Ok let me gist you! As I got there, I beheld as the uproar of smelling mouths with death-potent breaths went up into the air. What happened? Lady Gragra owes Lady Gaga money for recharge cards! How much? 3,165 Nigerian Naira (that should be accurate). Lady Gragra has owed Lady Gaga this money for months now and Lady Gaga has had enough of it. Gaga is of the opinion that Gragra has used the money to go and patronize another Wholesaler and that has added more fuel to the fire (Remember that fuel price has increased!). That is what happened o!


Fighting lawmakersOk, so they were fighting and the next thing I knew was this girl (a broom-like SU) was running towards the fighting duo with full force. The next I saw was this girl just grabbed Lady Gaga around her waist (Bam!), pushing her back like Sumo wrestling, and started shouting:

“Customer! You’re fighting? You’re fighting?”

Lady Gaga was really fuming and was rather the more infuriated and pushed the broom-like girl away and pounced on Lady Gragra, pulling her hair and snatching her merchandise.

SU Girls on Gone Wild

The next thing that happened, another SU girl leading a blind girl came in for the rescue, even the blind girl was trying to separate the fight. The next thing we all saw was the broom-like SU girl rushing to the floor like a mad woman and reaching for a big plank. She raised the plank against Lady Gaga and threatened her as she was breathing heavily, shouting:

“Oya, fight again na! Fight again!”

The two SU girls (with one still carrying the big plank) attending to both rascals started preaching to them, I was just hearing statements like:

“Customer! Are you not a Christian? Why are you fighting?”
“Customer! You are a child of God, you should not fight!”

I just stood there laughing and enjoying the show, forgetting that God had sent me to intervene. What really pissed me off was the jargons these girls were talking,

“Customer, don’t you love her? But you are a child of God?”

What sort of JAMB question is that? Somebody is playing her 419 and you are singing “Barney” – “I love you, you love me…” for her! When we are talking about scrapping JAMB, you’re still asking JAMB questions! You even added a POST JAMB question to it! Mschewww…


To be continued… This story doesn’t want to finish sha, but it must finish tomorrow l’agbara olorun (by the grace of God)!!!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

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