Continued from Part 2

GP to the Rescue

I couldn’t take the drama and wrong diagnoses by my two sisters-in-the-Lord (SITL) anymore, so I came in to rescue the situation as I was initially directed to do. Before I could say a word, my SITL 2 supporting SITL 3 (the blind girl) was at it again, the next thing I heard was,

“Customer (Lady Gaga)! Can’t you see Jesus in her, see Jesus in her! Aren’t you a child of God? Forgive her customer, see Jesus in her?”

For goodness sake, how can you be telling an infuriated creditor to see Jesus in her debtor who doesn’t want to pay up? Lady Gaga laughed in sarcasm and replied,

“See Jesus ke, I can see Satan in her, it is Satan that I am seeing not Jesus”

After laughing at that “See Jesus in her” punch line and the little extra drama, I tried to make my presence known but then I was shut up again by SITL 1 who was still carrying the plank. The next thing I heard from her was,

“Customer! Don’t you want God to bless you for your business to boom? Don’t you want God to give you more customers? Forgive her and you will see what God will do!”

I was like “Ok, that’s enough” and I made my presence known.


Wisdom is the Principal Thing!

So I went to Lady Gaga (Creditor) and asked “How much does she owe you?” She told me the exact amount. I then went to Lady Gragra (Debtor) and asked “How much do you owe her?” She replied with the same amount. As they tried to raise their voices again, I shut them up and simply asked the debtor to commit herself and give us an exact pay-back period; she did so.

Then I went to the creditor and asked her if that was ok by her, she agreed. I stood as a witness and a judge over the matter, and committed myself for the final hearing. I then gave the creditor two options in the case of settlement failure: first, she can choose to forgive her and let God judge the matter, thereby making herself available for possible blessing and recompense from above or second, I would stand as a surety for the debtor to take over her debt and settle it on her behalf. She agreed! By this time my SITLs had dispersed.


So what finally happened?

On the agreed date, I made myself available as agreed, the debtor settled her debt, the creditor was happy, I saved my money and we all lived happily ever after. That’s how the fighting duo were tranquilized.

Moral of the Story

SU 1, in a bid to settle a fight ended up joining in on the fight, even carrying a weapon. She ended up being a possible instrument of the devil. Wisdom is classified as the principal thing (Proverbs 4:7) and is profitable to direct (Ecclesiastes 10:10). None of them even stopped for a second to ask God for direction on how to settle the matter, they just jumped right in and complicated issues the more. I am very dispensable and God can easily replace me with the snap of his fingers, but if He didn’t send me there, that case would have become a bigger mess. There is a big difference between being religious and knowing your God. There is a big difference between working for God and walking with God. Nobody is perfect, I certainly am nothing close to it, but I sure know the difference.


Step up your Christianity game and start walking in the realm of wisdom and understanding.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

© 2013 Godsplan Uzoaga.

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