According to Merriam-Webster (2014), a driver is a piece of computer software that controls a device (such as a mouse or printer) that is attached to the computer, and controls input and output operations. Merriam-Webster also defines a plug-in as a small piece of software which adds a feature to a larger program or makes a program work better. Well, let’s just say I am the device/program, and God is my driver/plug-in. He should be the driver of every believer’s life, that controls all input and output operations; that’s what this theory is all about.

Driver and Plug-in to What End?

Driver and plug-inAdapting from the definitions above, my life being the device, God is the driver of my life. He is what makes me work, He controls all my input and output operations (or at least should, thanks to my occasional strong-head). The Holy Spirit is the plug-in which directs my daily affairs and makes my life work better. And of course, Jesus is the centre of everything. There are definitely other drivers and plug-ins to download into one’s life, but I think I would stick to one, God!

Yes, it is real, it’s no joke. I earlier formulated an equation (-M+G³=x8) based on a previous one (Mx-G³=0) which I proclaimed the Equation of My Life (Uzoaga, 2014) depicting this relationship; this driver/plug-in theory should make it more practical. Thus, whenever I refer to God, I am incorporating the trinity; except when singled out, as in the case of the Holy Spirit being the plug-in.


God Should Be Involved in Everything

Working with numbers can be extremely annoying, tiring and challenging. My job has taught me to always involve the Holy Spirit any time I am faced with a challenge of numbers. Just last week, I was reconciling our accounts (Bank Reconciliation). When I was done, the Balance as per Bank Statement was extremely close to the actual Bank Statement balance, it was so close, that it was only short by 1naira. 1naira kpere (only)! That’s how I started looking for the 1naira. It was that time that I realized that 1naira was money too. I started searching everywhere, I was even ready to repeat the painstaking task all over again. Remember the parable of the lost coin (Luke 15: 8-10)? LOL! I love it when the Word is made practical in my life, wow!

I searched and searched but didn’t find it. I tried Monday again, to no avail. Then Tuesday (yesterday), I remembered that God should be involved in everything and the Holy Spirit could and should be sought for direction and guidance in anything whatsoever. In my heart and in less than ten (10) seconds, right there in front of the monitor, I asked the Holy Spirit to help me find the 1naira. At that point a friend buzzed me on Facebook and I was just telling her how challenging numbers could be, using the 1naira as an example and she even laughed at me. How do I know? She typed “LOL”. The moment I went back to the system, the first place I went to on the screen was where the money was hiding. Behold the 1naira! Hallelujaaahhh!!! You see, this 1naira was so serious that it was going to affect every consequent monthly balance, they would all continue to be short of 1naira. The smaller the money, the harder it is to find.



When God is the driver of our lives, the Holy Spirit being the plug-in and Jesus definitely being the centre of everything, we would experience a life of ease. We would be highly productive and be greater problem solvers. Adopt this theory in your life, proclaim and establish the reality of it and see God at work in your life even in the self-assumed most insignificant areas.

Directions to Download Driver/Plug-in

If you don’t have this driver and plug-in in your life, please download for free today, compliments of the blood of Jesus. Download the driver quickly and the plug-in would be automatically installed, then you would see them at work in your life speedily. All you need to do to download is confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, just say with me:

“Lord Jesus, I come before you today acknowledging that I’m a sinner. I acknowledge all my sin and wrongs. I believe you are the Son of God, I believe you died for my sins, being made sin that I may be the righteousness of God, and I believe you rose again. I accept your sacrifice for me, I confess you as my Lord and personal saviour, and I make my life your home. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me. Amen!!!”

Congratulations Bro/Sis!!! God has been fully installed in your life and the Holy Spirit is already at work with Jesus as the centre of everything. You just need to be updating the driver and the plug-in by studying the manual (The Holy Bible) and constant fellowship and communion with God. You’re good to go!!!


Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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