I just remembered a significant scenario that I was a part of recently. I was going to share it immediately but I don’t know how it skipped my mind. The various players, actors, actresses and turnout of events from that scenario just proved my point yet again, that there is a big difference between just reading the Bible – playing church; and having the wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of God. It is very important that you understand these things, please refer to “The Significance of the Motive behind Bible Study” for more light.

What colour was the blood?

It is always beautiful when I see my childhood play rhymes come to life. Do I have a hood witness in the house? There was this game we used to play called “Catcher” and we always started the game with a ‘lot’ rhyme, one of my favourites was:

“My mother and your mother were fighting
My mother gave your mother a big knock on the head
What colour was the blood?”

Whoever the lot fell on would then choose the colour he/she/both wanted his/her/their mother’s blood to be. So depending on how horrible you thought your mother was, you’ll pick an alien blood colour like green, yellow or black. If you’re mother was really sweet, you’ll pick pink, you wouldn’t want to pick red because of the love you have for her. Anyways, that’s not how it happened; I wish I was smart enough then to actually attach such level of significance. Anytime I am angry with my mother, I’ll take it out on her during Catcher, and when the lot falls on me, as all the evils she’s done flashes in my head, with burning rage I’ll scream “Rainbow!!!”.


So, they were fighting

Females fightingYes, as I was saying, these two black blockheaded female grownups were fighting in a car park – a nasty young man’s dream. Two dumbasses pulling each other’s smelly hair and displaying each other’s irritating and saggy mammary gland coverings – yuck!

It was around 9pm (in the evening, for those of you that can’t read the time) and I was just leaving the office. I looked yonder and beheld as the two tore themselves asunder, so I wandered on to the scene as I pondered on the reason for such stupidity and blunder (nice rhymes right?). On getting there, I wasn’t disappointed at all, as they provided me with crazy fun and laughter; but my fun was soon to come to an end with the intervention or rather, further complication caused by the arrival of female “SUs” (Fellowship/Church fanatics). I was pissed off, my fun was spoiled, so I walked away; but if wasn’t necessarily so. These girls actually made it more interesting as they were also raising their voices and adding to the scene (WTH?)…


To be continued (It even gets more interesting)… The story has already entered 2 pages!!!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

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