It’s a New Year, a new dawn, a new breath and a new yawn with most of us newly reborn and the rest of us, expectedly detoured. The question is: Is there really anything special about the year 2014? Is there truly anything special about the New Year? I hate to break it to you, but there isn’t! Time flies no matter what, if you died last year, this year would still have come, it is time, there’s nothing we can do about it. The centre of attraction shouldn’t be on the year, but on you! That is why I am writing to us this New Year, lest we fall into the trap of 2013 and other previous years; having New Year resolutions, deceiving ourselves and achieving less than nothing.

New Year Resolutions – It’s All about You

New Year Resolutions 1Every New Year, we rush to church to pray, to get prophecies from our pastors, to usher ourselves in with prayer and fasting and all sorts of sacrifices. We receive every prophecy and every blessing like the year is totally dependent on them. Then we start writing New Year Resolutions with all our might and determination like we are going to war, we start making promises and declarations like it’s the end of the world. Every New Year, majority break their first resolution on that same New Year day, while others forget within the first week. The mistake we make is that we don’t talk to ourselves, we don’t face the reality of Christian living; we don’t deal with ourselves and face the truth. We think it is just by praying and making shouts of joy and victory during the Crossover Service, we think it’s by making all the decrees and confessions, we think it’s by praying all the prayer points on New Year Day, that’s where we get it wrong.


Every New Year, people get more and more wicked, selfish, heartless and evil. Every year, Christians are deteriorating and are deviating from the love of Christ. Have you realized that people are rather changing for the worst? Some people coming back from Crossover Service this morning still refused others chance of entry into their lane just in a bid to rush home. Those who entered the New Year with drinking and dancing will still achieve more than those who were in church. We just keep missing the point. Every New Year is about you, it’s not about the year, it’s about you. Ever year is a chance for you to deal with yourself and follow the life of Jesus. Every year is a chance for you to love and do good. Every year is a chance for you to let Christ live in you! If you don’t change your mindset, the New Year cannot change! That is why I have adopted an everyday philosophy in my life; everyday is Christmas, everyday is New Year and everyday is my Birthday. This means that I embrace the love of Christ and I’m determined to love everyday, and everyday is a new year and a new birth for me.

My Proposal: A New Life Resolution (NLR)

The only year I actually achieved something was the year I made a big change in my life, 2013. I made no New Year Resolutions, but made a “Vision for Life” or what I now call, “A New Life Resolution”. I established God’s purpose for my life and my desires for God which made up my Vision for Life, and then broke them down into a mission statement which is the New Life Resolution or Resolution for Life. This means that my resolutions can never change, they are for life. As a result, there is nothing significant about the New Year apart from me, there is nothing new about it and there is nothing special about it apart from me, I am the one who is special, I am the new born, I am the special one, I am the carrier of the vision and I am the centre of attraction. You can forget New Year Resolutions because it is for that year, but you can never forget a New Life Resolution because it is till you pass on to glory. This doesn’t stop you from having an immediate to-do list for the year, but if you’re talking about a firm resolution(s), then you should ensure that it is (or they are) part of your vision. Read the Bible well, and you will hardly see any man of valour that operated on New Year resolutions, there was nothing new about the New Year, they operated on their vision for life and as a result, they were hardly detoured. Their mistakes and sins were by the way, they still accomplished their visions.


New Life Resolutions apart, before jumping into ordinary New Year resolutions, you also want to ensure that you don’t have any overlapping ones from previous years. You can like to carry them over and merge with the new ones, or just be bent on accomplishing the carryovers. In the end, I will simply classify normal New Year resolutions as a To-do list for the year, while maintaining my New Life Resolution(s) or Resolution(s) for Life.


Please forgive me for not being all enthusiastic and spiritual about the New Year, I now know better. I know it’s hard to break a tradition, but the choice is all yours. Think about it, if you had a Resolution for Life, all your plans and objectives would fall under that resolution and you will have a much stronger chance at never giving up and achieving greatness and glory. You will not be a victim of regret and procrastination; you won’t be a victim of failure and non-achievement. You won’t be a victim of guilt and depression. You cannot fail, except you die; it is a Resolution for Life. Whatever you do, make sure that your Resolution for Life is centred on the love of Christ, judgment and justice; that is the most important thing. In the end analysis, let your New Year Resolutions be an integral part of your New Life Resolution, that way you can have more permanent achievements.


The best prayer I can pray for you this New Year is that all your good dreams will come true, God will make all things work together for your good and bring you to an expected end, and the devil will be put to an everlasting shame in your life in Jesus’ name.

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!


New Year Resolutions 2014

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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