I recently shared Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural episode titled “Supernatural Mentoring”. I paid tribute to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and placed much emphasis on the role we play in inspiring others, directly or indirectly. Today, I want to pay tribute to a very old friend, Segun Da-Silva, to whom I owe my baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Journey Down Memory Lane

Segun Da-Silva 2I’ve known Da-Silva for over 15 years now. I’ve always called him Da-Silva, you know it’s funny but I’ve never called him by his first name, DA-SILVA just has that touch of perfection and glory that when you call it, you get high. We attended the same primary and secondary school, but all those years, I can only remember shouting his name – DA-SILVA! I don’t remember anything apart from me shouting DA-SILVA! Well, now I realize why I have been shouting DA-SILVA! for over 10 years, DA-SILVA was to turn out a key contributor to my spiritual life in the future by unlocking a door that would have forever stayed shut because of the kind of churches I was attending. O! DA-SILVA!!!


Middle 2012, I went to my favourite eatery to get lunch as usual, and for the first time since leaving secondary school, I saw Da-Silva again. On seeing him, the first word that came out of my mouth was DA-SILVA! We exchanged pleasantries and ate together. We talked and went down memory lane and all that, then we exchanged phone numbers and departed. The next month, I went to the movies and jammed Da-Silva there again, we exchanged short pleasantries as we were both with company and departed. The third time, I got a call from Da-Silva, he was around my office, so I halted office work and invited him in, and we then got chatting. We talked about a lot of things; there was a lot of catching up to do. We then talked about God and a lot of new light he had discovered that I had never heard before. We told me a lot about Joseph Prince and other men of God who were radically different. I had no choice than to just listen and learn, I was just amazed at what I was hearing. The discussion then entered speaking in tongues, and this where the significance of knowing Da-Silva comes in.

The Dilemma

He told me he had been speaking in tongues since we were in JSS 2 and it just didn’t make sense, so I criticized him on that one. That just didn’t seem possible, because based on my background, the Holy Spirit alone decides whether or not you get to speak in tongues; the Holy Spirit also determines the time. You have no possible role to play than to get yourself ready and make yourself holy, and attend Holy Ghost meetings and all that. What even made matters worse was that in my church then, it was now looking like you could only get it until you were old. In fact, at the time, there was nobody who could speak in tongues in the whole church. When my father finally got the baptism of the Holy Ghost, he was already over 50 years, so it was like he had to wait for 50 years before God decided to answer him. This was my orientation and I lived based on that school of thought until the day I had that random chat with Da-Silva in my office.


It really didn’t make sense at all, it couldn’t be that simple. I had been intimidated all my life like I was unholy and powerless because I couldn’t speak in tongues. I experienced this mostly while in the campus fellowship in the university. There were times when I couldn’t even join in prayers because I couldn’t speak in tongues. I would watch as they prayed for people to speak in tongues like it was some great mountain before Zerubbabel. I wasn’t even invited to pray for people even as a top executive of the fellowship. The prayer sessions I ever led never seemed to carry power because it was the norm to occasionally speak in tongues after raising prayer points. In fact, speaking in tongues was a major part of leading prayer sessions.

I prayed, I fasted for two days with no food or water just asking God to baptise me with the Holy Ghost and to open my tongues so I could speak. I prayed and prayed, I shouted and shouted, I fasted and fasted, I opened my mouth wide for minutes maintaining silence just hoping some magic would be performed on my tongue and I would start speaking. I attended prophetic conferences and Holy Ghost night vigils and meetings, all to no avail. It got to a point I thought the hindrance was my finger nails so I had to cut them all the time so that they would be short by the time the next Holy Ghost prayer meeting came. I also had to consciously try and maintain holiness just to have no hindrance at all. The next meeting came, I raise up my hands to the heavens showing God that my nails were cut, my heart was clear, I had confessed all my sins, I opened my mouth wide; nothing happened. I just gave up the whole thing, I accepted my fate to wait till I was old or whenever the Holy Ghost felt like falling upon me.


Speaking in My Dreams

One thing I noticed was that all this while, I was speaking and praying in tongues in my dreams. In fact, whenever I had an attack in the dream, I never spoke in English, it was always tongues. Sometimes, I would even wake up shouting the last syllable. I tried remembering the syllables but to no avail. I tried speaking by faith but there was the fear of faking it, I had to speak exactly what the Holy Spirit put in my mouth or what I remembered from the dreams which was only a syllable which was just ironic.

Da-Silva to the Rescue

Segun Da-SilvaAlthough I did not agree with him, thanks to my rigid religious background, which I have long run away from, I felt a leading in my spirit to just listen and reason with him, which I did. He showed me Bible passages telling me why I could speak in tongues in the physical and no longer in the dream alone, and it all started to make sense. After we finished our long discussion, I escorted him the bus stop and we parted ways. I went back to the office and immediately started researching on tongues online. I started listening to a lot of views on the matter of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I started watching different teachings on the same matter, and I realized Da-Silva was right. I watched Mark Virkler on speaking in tongues and he just rounded everything up, then I joined in the Holy Ghost impartation prayer. So from that very moment in the office, which was around 6-7pm, with everybody gone, I embarked on the strange journey of speaking in tongues with the faith of receiving the baptism. I laughed at myself many times after hearing the kind of jargons I was saying, but then it got better. That same night, I spoke for about 15 minutes before going to bed. The next day, I spoke all day; Da-Silva came again and I gave him the good news.

Happily Ever After

I was uncomfortable for a while, still trying to get comfortable with the whole new language, but now, by the grace of God, I have even written two songs in tongues and not only speak, but also sing in tongues. Tongues is now my official language of prayer, I’ll rather pray in the Spirit than in the understanding now. To even look for trouble, I further answered an altar call for the baptism of the Holy Ghost at WAFBEC (West Africa Faith Believers’ Convention) 2013 just to further confirm that I was on point, not that I had not already received it. I joined the others who were actually genuinely lacking. I followed their every process and it was 100% in line with the Bible and what I had already received, and when they said we should just open our mouths by faith and start speaking, I just started speaking as usual like I was one truly special child of God (Well, I’m truly special). Almost immediately, one of the pastors touched me and told me I could stop now. I opened my eyes and watched as others still struggled, crying and screaming; I just nodded my head like one bad guy and then went back to my sit pretending like I had just had a totally new experience. That was my final confirmation. To give me a happy ending or a new beginning, on the last day of the programme, during the Holy Ghost service, I got drunk in the Spirit! Yes! I was drunk! Just imagine how drunkards behave, I was drunk!


All Thanks to Da-Silva

Yes, all thanks to Segun Da-Silva, but of course, all glory to God. This is how a little act of niceness and sacrifice, meekness and humility; dropping office work and using office time to chat and spend time with my old friend, dropping all I thought I knew and humbling myself to learning from him set me free and brought me into a realm of unlimited possibilities. Like I said and I quote myself,

“Do not underestimate the power of God in people and different programmes; most of the time, your answers lie with them. No matter how small they may be, no matter how insignificant they may seem, the power and wisdom of God is mighty through them. You don’t even have to meet these people, and if you do, you don’t even have to serve them, all you just need is to listen with an open mind and learn from their testimonies; you will be amazed at the spiritual discoveries you will make. Most importantly, do not underestimate the power of God in you.”

Thank you so much DA-SILVA!!!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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