It was a Monday night and I had no clean clothes to wear throughout the week. I don’t know what happened but I just couldn’t do my laundry over the weekend so I had to do crash washing that night. Imagine calling in to work and telling them I wouldn’t be able to show up because I had no clean clothes! It would be so hilarious. Anyways, that day also happened to be the day I decided to research into the controversial being called Lucifer aka Satan aka The Devil and guess what? He showed up!

Believe It or Not

I had forgotten that the bulb in the bathroom was bad and I would pay for my forgetfulness in the night. Seeing that I had to wash in the dark, and there was no candle or such, I had to use my Nokia torchlight phone for lighting. I then put it at a vantage point in the bathroom to give the best lighting option. I managed to wash with the low lighting condition but there were points where I had to get the phone closer and the best option I had was through my mouth, while I used my hands to do the washing and rinsing. With the bottom end of the phone in my mouth, there is no argument that I definitely baptized it with an abundance of saliva. Finally, I was done, so I took a shower, spread my crash-washed clothes and then came back to my room to continue my research. At this point it was around 23:00 (11pm).

I was and still am very much looking into the nature of Satan and the Lucifer connection or personality. To start with, I was really interested in the Lucifer personality, his beauty and glory before his fall. Although there are differing and confusing views as to the connection between Lucifer and Satan, I very much believe in his identification through Isaiah 14:12 -15 and Ezekiel 28:12-15. In these passages, God was literarily referring to the Kings of Babylon, Tyrus and Lucifer at the same time.


In furtherance of my quest, I decided to browse the Internet to see proposed pictorial and video representations of the Lucifer personality. Many concurred with my view of him being a fallen angel. As I continued my search, I decided to pick my phone and check the time which was now around midnight. The phone had gone off so I tried putting it back on. It didn’t come on, leaving the screen just black and blank. I tried again but to no avail, then I looked closely to the screen and I saw a black blurry image.

What the Hell?

Lucifer blurAt first I thought it was just a blur as a result of my baptism of saliva, so I opened the phone and cleaned the screen which was actually foggy, I then cleaned the panel and the other areas which were victims of the baptism. I reassembled the phone, but to my amazement, the image was still there. I then looked more closely and I realized that the image was the image of a person. It was just black, like a black or empty passport photo. I opened the phone again and cleaned it more thoroughly but the exact image was just there. I thought it was the Holy Spirit or Jesus or something, but then I just had this conviction in my spirit, a very strong one that said to me “You were searching for Lucifer, well, here he is”. Have you ever been in a situation where you entered a place or passed by and thought you saw something scary and then you just stopped and had this chill in your spirit that you actually saw what you thought you saw, and then you are either afraid to turn back or slowly turn to check? That was just the feeling. I tried giving myself every logical explanation why it wasn’t a supernatural occurrence but logic just didn’t make sense. How is it possible that the saliva entering the screen would just form a perfect image, there was no blur on any other part of the screen, it was just perfect? Secondly, it was a torchlight phone, there’s no way a picture was getting on it.


I then knew that it was a form of response from Lucifer – The Devil. I was filled with fear and the whole room just automatically became weird. I started looking up and down and everywhere like something could just pop out from nowhere. Apart from that, I then got a final confirmation that it was the devil when my Internet search for Lucifer started yielding some uncalled for, lustful results. You see, Satan is the father of lust. A night of Bible study turned into a battle of lust. I could feel the presence and grip of lust on my soul, I just knew it; it was tangible. I knew it wasn’t normal, it just wasn’t normal; on a normal day, those results wouldn’t be enough to even get my attention.

A Quest Ended

After everything, the time being around 3am, I checked my phone and the image was gone. I tried putting it on and it came back on. Days later, I returned to the exact same search I did on the Internet and there was no hint of any such lustful results that appeared as before. Now tell me everything was just a coincidence! Satan is real and he is powerful. He is so powerful that he got the children of God (The Jews) to kill the Son of God (Jesus). He is so powerful that he is in control of the church today while they are busy binding demons. Even Jesus said that there is nothing to rejoice about binding demons (Luke 10:20), but the devil has succeeded in driving the attention of Christians from the essence of Christianity to trivial things. Isn’t it funny that the unbelievers love themselves more than the Christians do one another, yet the most important and greatest law is love?


Is it that you never heard of Satan before? No! But are you conversant with his many tricks and devices? For a long time now, I have been looking into these devices (there have been consequences) and this is just a personal experience among others which I would share with you later by God’s grace, sensitizing you on the potency of the minutest of devices of Satan.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1Peter 5:8).

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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