One day, I looked back at my life and everything I had achieved and I was able to formulate an equation that summed me up:


Where: M=Man (Myself),
x=My achievements, and
G³=The Hand of God in the operations of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (which can also be summed up to Grace).

This means that once you remove G³ (Grace) from Mx (Me with all my achievements), I am nothing (Zero). In essence, the increase of me with the decrease or removal of God is equal to zero. This I will prove thus:


All that I Ever Was

I started pondering on all that I ever was (Mx) and looked back at certain events which make up Mx:

  • I began to look back at my level of importance to certain people;
  • I looked back at the level of responsibility and trust that had been placed on me;
  • I looked back at the level of respect and fear people had placed on me;
  • I looked back at how I managed to occupy those positions;
  • I looked back at the potency of my words and judgments;
  • I looked back at the level of expertise demanded of me from different spheres of life;
  • I looked back at the level of wisdom that was sought from me;
  • I looked back at my level of reasoning, wisdom and understanding;
  • I looked back at the amount of judgments that I made which ended up being right;
  • I looked back at how I managed to do and achieve anything I wanted to achieve;
  • I looked back at how skillful I could be at any sport I chose to lay my hands upon;
  • I looked back at how I had written all those songs;
  • I looked back at how I had written all those articles;
  • I looked back at how I solved all those problems;
  • I looked back at how I generated all those ideas;
  • I looked back at how I started university with a First Class which I never worked for and how I never went to the library nor ever cheated in an exam even if I knew nothing, but never failed and still finished very very strong (but not with a First Class, it was meaningless to me anyways);
  • I looked back at how I failed all job aptitude tests I was invited for, which I practised for and how I passed the most difficult ones which I never applied for, nor practised for, nor hoped for;
  • I looked back at how I still stood after everything I had being through; the opposition and injustice from the church, the wickedness and evils from Christians, the betrayals and the rejection, the loneliness, pain and hurt, coupled with my unending sins and the corresponding unending guilt from them (as at the time of pondering) and the condemnation from the church;
  • I looked back at all the battles against my life from all angles, spiritual and physical, all literal, like I was someone really powerful, dangerous to evil and an epitome of glory and greatness which should be seriously contained;

I just looked back at all the events of my life and all my achievements, tangible and intangible and then it dawned on me.


I Really Am Nothing

I then realized that in reality, I was nothing; I literally couldn’t defend anything, literally! Something or a higher power had to be responsible (G³). Remove G³ and I was literally nothing. I couldn’t even explain how I understood what I understood, I couldn’t explain my wisdom, because I wasn’t the type that consulted books for understanding, I read books because I affiliated with the understanding of the writers. While in the bank, the management embarked on a team building exercise using John Maxwell’s book on “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. I realized that I had basically practised almost all the laws in that book as a leader both in the church and in the school fellowship, without ever studying a thing on leadership. I received two awards (in form of John Maxwell’s books) at the end of the training; one for being one of the three or five most participative members out of over 30 people who were all senior to me in age and rank; and the other as a team.

I looked at everything I had ever achieved and I realized that the moment you remove God from the equation, I am nothing. I imagined a future with me trying to achieve anything with my effort or because I was good or brilliant, and I realized that without God I actually don’t know anything, I am literally nothing; I am basically useless, and will ultimately be finished.

In Conclusion

Now you know the equation of my life. My life with all my achievements without the Grace of God is futile and pointless, it is Zero. The moment you remove God’s grace from my life, all I have is old glory, I will start tending to futility. The book of John 3:30 justifies my equation saying “He must increase, but I must decrease”. Even John the Baptist operated on this equation (John 3:27-30). My equation is not based on John’s equation, but is justified by it.


A New Equation

New equation of my lifeNow that I’ve defended my equation based on past achievements, it can be inferred that the more I decrease and God increases; I will infinitely increase and attain glory. Therefore, on this special day in which I was born, I hereby formulate this new equation of my life incorporating the infinite glory of God:


“The lesser of me and the more of Him is equal to achievements and glory to infinity!!!”



God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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