On Friday, 30th August, 2013, somebody just walked into my office and something extraordinary happened. As at the time of writing this, he was sitting right there in my office and that extraordinary thing that happened was that I earlier forgave him and then seeing him, the pain was all gone. The Holy Spirit has used this experience to teach me about the evidence and proof of forgiveness and I would be sharing it with you in this issue. The issue of forgiveness has haunted many people for years. In this series, I would be sharing practical acts of forgiveness and the corresponding evidence and proof of actual forgiveness. How do you know if you have forgiven somebody? What is the proof and evidence of forgiveness? Although I have already answered that question in the first four lines, let’s go into further detail; so sit back, relax and get ready to forgive!

The Controversy of Forgiveness

The topic of forgiveness happens to be one of those topics that lacks a universally accepted modus operandi like prayer. In the case of prayer, some people argue that you have not prayed until you have shouted at the top of your voice and with serious aggression, others believe you have to pray and pray and pray until something happens, some also believe that you only have to ask once and believe that you have received and never pray about that thing again; highly controversial isn’t it? The issue of forgiveness is just as controversial as prayer, only that it is more confusing and annoying because it is a thing of the heart. It is so easy for people to just say ‘forgive’, some people even go the extra annoying length of saying ‘forgive and forget’, like it’s that easy; if you’re the one that received that dirty slap, would you forgive? If you’re the one that was cheated on, can you forget?

I had been battling with this issue of forgiveness as I happen to be one of those people that have been wronged over and over again. Forgiveness is a thing of the heart and that makes it more difficult to achieve. The most annoying part is the aspect of memory; people can easily forget the good that others do to them, but evil! Never! I won’t be talking deep about the nature and process of forgiveness here, as that would be discussed in detail in another issue, but it is worthy of note that forgiveness is purely a function of the condition of the heart. As I narrate my ordeals and different acts of forgiveness with proofs, you must understand that at all these times, it was all a function of the condition of my heart.


I Was Wronged

The evil that this guy did to me was way back in 2008, that’s 5 good years ago. For those 5 years, each time I saw this guy, I was filled with pain, hatred and a yearning for justice. The most annoying part was that I was 100% right but there was just no justice and no one to defend me. It was so painful that even the security officer said with his own mouth that there was no justice in the system, that there was nothing I could do.

Since that time, the sight of the guy just turned my heart black and made me want revenge so badly. Each time I saw his face, I saw the face of the devil and there was a full weight of anger and hatred measured against him. If you have ever found yourself in my shoes before, then you will know what I mean.

The Act of Forgiveness

As a result of my personal communion with God, I was constantly drawn to the aspect of forgiving others if I wanted God to forgive me. This rhema kept reminding me that I for one need a lot of forgiveness for my uncountable sins (they are just too much). It led me to the propounding of a lot of theories on forgiveness, love, judgment and justice. There was a constant negotiation between me and God concerning different situations and scenarios; cases where there was forgiveness, cases where there was mercy, cases where there was destruction and judgment, and other judgment calls made by God. There was a constant communication link between the Holy Spirit and I which constantly made me dynamic in reasoning. As a result of the different negotiations, we (God and I) were able to reach a compromise in different cases.


Forgiveness was therefore a major part of my life, I had to be conscious of those that had wronged me, judge the matter with God and then forgive depending on the outcome of the negotiation. It turned out that I had skipped out that guy and had not attended to the matter, so anytime I saw him, I was still filled with anger and blackness of heart.

On that faithful morning, as I set out for work, I saw this guy coming and it just dawned on me that I had not let go. So immediately, I told God that I forgave him and I was ready to forgive, and then I said to him (speaking to myself), “I forgive you”. The guy passed by and I went on to work convincing myself and declaring to God that I had forgiven him.

The Evidence of Forgiveness

Forgiveness 1About 2 hours later, this guy walked right into my office and immediately, there was peace in my soul; and with every given second he was there, every atom of pain, hate and anger disappeared. As a result of the act of forgiveness, love then came into play. He actually followed somebody so he had to stand and wait for the man. I then offered him a chair to sit down while he waited. After sitting down, his phone battery seemed to be drained and he was trying to charge it using the socket close to him but was not successful. I came in again and asked him what the problem was, he said the socket was round-mouthed, while his charger was square and his battery was drained. I then offered to help him charge it in my own extension box. I created space and plugged his phone keeping it on my table. Noticing that it wasn’t charging, I plugged it in another port just to make sure it was charging. The man he came with was done and ready to go, so I unplugged the charger and handed it over to him. Apparently, I had helped him keep the phone on and added a little battery life to sustain him for some time, he thanked me and they left.

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I can assure you that while I took all those actions, there was a higher force controlling me. It was like I just wanted to love that guy and solve all his problems. The most interesting part is that he was still the same old pompous and annoying guy and he still did things at that very point that would have warranted me to react. By all normal ramifications, I should have even felt worse, but a pain felt for 5 years was gone in a second. This is the true evidence of forgiveness; there is a peace and assurance within and then there is an act to prove it.

Matthew 6:12 says, “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” Luke’s account says, “And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us.” (Luke 11:4). A lot of people claim to have been practising Christianity for many years but they have just been playing religion. The issue of forgiveness has taken many people to hell. In fact, it is very clear from the passages above that you cannot be forgiven except you forgive. This means that all the confessions you have made are in vain if you have not forgiven your own defaulters.

Start forgiving today!!!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

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