Even from the title, you might be tempted to assume that this guy is just a joke, but trust me; in the history of my life, this remains one of the greatest testimonies, answer to prayers and leadings of the Holy Spirit I’ve ever experienced: The Miracle of a Rat. Up till now, I’m still confused as to which is which, rat and mouse; by the way, why should the plural of mouse be mice, why not just mouses? The system already detected that as a huge error, anyways, back to the main testimony.

I had been looking for my mp3 player/voice recorder for over a week. I want you to understand that this wasn’t just an ordinary mp3 player, it was a prophetic carrier of destiny. Over 60% of the songs God gave me were first recorded through this mp3 player, and God has given me lots and lots. Whenever I get any new song, this mp3 player is the immediate conductor, whenever I get any new song in the dream, this mp3 player is always handy to get it before the message fades off. It was with this mp3 player that I did a rough recording for one of my songs and played for someone, that she immediately committed herself to sponsoring me without even thinking twice. This mp3 player is a huge part of my life, that’s how important and highly significant it is to me. In fact, if you ever start hearing of me ministering through music, just know that the song initially passed through this mp3 player.

One morning, as I set out for the day, I wanted to take my companion along as usual but it was nowhere to be found. I searched and searched but to no avail, then I prayed to God and begged the Holy Spirit to help me find it. The first day passed, the second, the third, yet to no avail. I had gotten new songs but my companion was gone, and I lost them. I already wanted to start praying self-destructive prayers for the mp3 player so that my songs will not fall into the wrong hands, but my intentions were disapproved by the Spirit. So after the third day, I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to please help me but there seemed to be no hope. I eventually lost all hope and just accepted what had befallen me.


Rat miracleThen on Sunday, 25th of August, 2013, something weird happened! I had already planned to go for the 6.30am service, but I happened to be too tired and continued sleeping. I was subconsciously woken up by the tinkling noise of a rat at work just outside my room. Due to the constant tinkling, I was fully woken up and then decided to go take a peep through my window to see if I could catch the rat red-handed; all of sudden, I saw a tail flash through my eyes by the window. Reflexively, I shook backwards and when I opened the curtain again, what I saw was a rope. After calling myself a chicken, I then went out to see where and what the rat could have been trying to mess it. I was just looking at my window to be double sure it wasn’t possible for the rat to have gotten through the iron net when the other chicken in me shook at the site of a huge rat that had gotten past my iron net and was now lost between the windows. How the rat got there? I don’t know! So the first chicken was right, it was a tail! It didn’t occur to me that a louver was missing because of the trust already placed in the iron net, so the next thing I knew was that the huge rat jumped through that opening right into my room!!! MO GBE O!!!


In search for this rat, I grabbed three sticks, climbed my bed and poached the closest area the rat could have sought for shelter; it was there, it ran out and ran under the bed to the other side of the room. I followed it and poached it again until I realized I was just poaching books, the rat had already left that position. The next closest place for it to seek shelter for me was under the bed, so I started planning my strategy on how I was going to chase it out of there without me getting humiliated.

I didn’t want to peep under the bed, lest it jumped on my face or into my mouth while trying to escape so I foolishly headed for my body spray and started spraying under the bed, forgetting that the scent would rather even make it feel at home. After continuous spraying with no response, I then settled for raising the mattress up. So I moved to the end of the bed and raised the mattress; to my bedazzlement, lo and behold, my mp3 player was there staring at me! After about 5 – 10 seconds of awe-gazing, it all made sense, that rat was sent to answer to my prayer. In the light of that, I was no longer out to get the rat but to just get it out, so I left my door open. After realizing it wasn’t under the bed, I then went back to its initially position and poached; then it came out and then this time, it ran out of the room and far away.

I must confess, that rat made me a little paranoid after that event. Every chuckling sound I heard from that point on became that of a rat. It got so bad that when I heard a continuous chuckling sound downstairs, I picked up one of those sticks in an attempt to stealthily move in on the supposed rat who turned out to be my sister, LOL.


You may ask – How do you know it wasn’t just a normal occurrence or a mere coincidence?

1.    If I had gone for that 6.30am service, I would have missed this miracle.
2.    It is worthy of note that since the history of my stay in that room, a rat has only entered on three occasions, this being the third. The second was what I wrote about in the Funny But Not Funny At All Series, episode 6 titled, Mickey Mouse.
3.    Based on the premise of 2 above, the rat had no business at all with my window. There were lots of things and materials it could have entreated itself to right outside my room, why then was it my window area, secured with an iron net and completely free of any junk, that it fancied itself with, and no rat has ever come near that window? (None that I know of).
4.    Concerning the mattress, I have only raised it on three occasions since the history of my stay in the room, this being the third. There was absolutely nothing taking me or anybody to the mattress anytime soon except that rat whose entry still remains weird.

My mp3 player, my recorder and my companion is back, I’m so happy! The Holy Spirit used a rat to reunite us back together, isn’t our God amazing?


Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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