This is an immediate spiritual response and a strong evidence of what I was talking about in yesterday’s post “Anxiety Doesn’t Pay” and it happened this morning. You see, even as I was writing it, I knew that the Holy Spirit was also talking to me because one way or the other, we all have our different and unique situations at hand. In this context, it was the car key that decided to go rogue.

Lost but not Found

The key decided to go rogue last week Saturday in conjunction with our little baby. It was on Sunday morning as I rushed to drive off to church that we realized the plan between the duo, but it was already too late.

We tried bringing in the baby for interrogation but all to no avail as all he could speak was tongues. The look on his face showed a job well done, he stood there giving me that “James Bond” look and there was just nothing I could do; what a smooth operator!

We searched and searched, all to no avail. I got really pissed off, went to God in prayer and asked the Holy Spirit for direction, but as I remembered what happened with my mp3 player/voice recorder in “The Miracle of a Rat” I wasn’t ready to wait that long. So I said a fast unconvincing prayer. To be honest, I literary told the Holy Spirit that I wasn’t ready to do it His way.


On Tuesday, I searched and searched and searched for that key; I ordered all the kids in the house to carry out a raid, “Search the kitchen, search the parlour, search every room, even the toilets, every blessed where!!! You are not allowed to eat, to sit down, to rest, or even use the toilets, find that key!!!” I shouted. So off they went on a hilarious and futile journey, a bunch of kids playing around in pretence of being hardworking. I just gave up the ghost of the key and rested my case.

Lost but Found

Missing car keyAt midnight, after watching “Suits – Season 3”, I started chatting with God. I was just thanking Him for a lot of things and for the glory that was before me. I then asked the Holy Spirit to lead afresh in every area of my life including the missing car key. I asked Him to reveal and direct us to the key, but I got a little selfish and specifically asked that He led me to the key, only me, and no one else. We talked and talked about other things and then I slept off.


At around 5.20am this morning, I promise I was woken up with a tap on my right thigh. It was very tangible and scary, at first I was like “Eh! What?” and then when I realized it wasn’t ordinary, I was like “Jesus!” so I was like “Eh! What? Jesus!” and then I jumped up. Immediately I jumped up, it was like I followed the direction of the touch and as I looked to the wall, I saw a light just vanish. This was no random event, there was no car, nor any sign of life, my lights were off and no other form of lighting.

I knew it had to be the Holy Spirit because I wasn’t scared again and I just knew that I was to pray, so I just started praying in tongues till I went to have my bath and prepare for the day. I just kept praying in the Spirit and I haven’t even prayed in the understanding till now.

I dressed up, finished eating the food which I prepared myself (yes I can cook and it was Custard and Bread), carried my bag and set out only to see and hear my mum shouting “JESUS!” What happened? She had just seen the key entangled in one of her wrappers which she just decided to reach out for as she also prepared for the day. She kept shouting “JESUS!” and starting singing and I was like “Nice one Holy Spirit, nice one!” nodding my head in acknowledgment and the fact that He didn’t allow me find it because it would have entered my head.


Yet again, the Holy Spirit proves Himself and God confirms His word given to me.

Praise God!!!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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