In today’s Christianity, a lot of emphasis has been placed on religious doctrines and pastoral views (third parties) than on the actual written word of God (the source). Many people have actually shaped their lives and families based on false doctrines (unscriptural doctrines), all because their pastor or most highly esteemed General Overseer (GO) said so. Many are in serious religious bondage, stagnancy and poverty today because of these ecclesiastical fallacies. This thing is simple; whose report do you believe? Will you believe the source or a third party?

Recent Developments

Many are still fighting ancestral curses today. Many are still fighting the powers of their father and mother’s house. They have diminished the blood of Jesus to only be applicable to minor situations like meals, night sleep, protection of family members and properties, protection from immediate attacks of witches and wizards, etc. But the true value and purpose of the blood, they have swept under the carpet. I can never forget the girl that refused to shake my hand on the account that her highly esteemed General Overseer (GO) told them it was wrong to do so. She said “I’m sorry I don’t shake hands with men; my GO told me it is wrong for a man to shake a lady’s hand” and I’m like “Ummm… is this a joke?”


How many Christians can boast of direct and undiluted inspiration from the Bible? How many can boast of decisions they took strictly based on the direct leading of the Holy Spirit? Just ask those Christians who do midnight prayers against witches and wizards every night, why they pray like that at such hours, you would see that it was the idea of their pastor. But I thought the Bible said we shall have sweet sleep (Proverbs 3:24) and that no weapon formed against us shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17)?

Bible source 2Many people don’t even know why they are going to church; they don’t know the meaning and significance of the word “Church”. So their ideology of church is almost wholly influenced by the ideologies of the owners of the church as a building or structured organization. The GO tells his members what God said he should tell them, they act on the directive of the GO, cutting the actual source which they are also connected to. The GO then becomes their source, and God becomes the third party, creating a very costly spiritual transpose error.

That is why some scriptures are very strange in the eyes and ears of many Christians, especially those still based on the teachings of the law, as though such scriptures are not inclusive of the whole Bible. Their minds are programmed to act on the specific scriptures and unscriptural teachings their spiritual leaders have wired them with. This is a very terrible situation we are experiencing in Christianity today; and this is the major issue that has given rise to the bastardization of the value of a Christian in the eyes of the world today.


You may ask how I was able to arrive at such a conclusion. The true evidence of Christianity is love because Jesus told us in John 13:35 that “by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” However, Christians are the most terrible sets of human beings when it comes to love and taking care of each other.

Christianity can also be said to be the most divided religion with thousands of denominations and sects having their own doctrines, most of which are unscriptural, and do not agree with other denominations. Yet, John 13:35 did not run anywhere, it is still in the Bible, and in red for that matter, signifying the actual words of Christ. How then would the world respect us? When you leave what God is saying and follow what men are saying, what else do you expect? This is just a simple and generalizable example. If we don’t love one another, then it means that another thing is being preached in our various denominations, because if people are getting their information from the source, I don’t see any reason why the world shouldn’t be a better place.



Nonetheless, we are not trying to diminish the role of pastors and spiritual leaders, we are just trying to get things straight. We no longer operate a priesthood setting under the law, we all are now of the royal priesthood under grace (1 Peter 2:9). The general role of a spiritual leader is to encourage the people in the word, love and faith of Jesus Christ. Everything must be strictly based on the Bible and on the love of Christ. No man therefore has the right to hold any Christian to ransom based on their own ideology and religious upbringing.

In the second and subsequent parts of this message, we would further be focusing on Biblical and personal experiences and directives confirming the superiority of the source over third parties.

Till then, where would you rather get your information from? Who would you rather believe? The source? Or a third party? Fellowship with the brethren, listen to your pastor, but follow God’s word. Knowledge is power!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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