There’s always this big hype about the final approach towards a new year. I remember then when I was much younger; we always spent crossover nights in church. We would pray and sing, and sing and sing, and pray and pray, and sing and pray until it was New Year. It got to a point that I was gripped with fear every crossover night, as I believed that anyone who wasn’t in church during the transition was most likely to die. This was just one aspect of the hype. Over the years, different people have attached more and more beliefs about a new year. But come to think of it, what is actually new about a new year?

What is a New Year?

New YearJokes apart, a New Year is simply a new year, but it is only separated by a second, i.e., 23:59 (31s December, 2015) – 00:00 (1st January, 2016) which becomes New Year’s Day. If we weren’t following a universal calendar, it would just be another normal day. So my question is, what is the hype all about? If we were just strictly celebrating the New Year with respect to entering a new calendar year (which is a once in a life time event) and as a universal day for both Christians and Muslims, then I don’t have a problem with that, I had enough fun as well. But if the hype is focused more on superstitions, resolutions, and the need to achieve blah blah blah, then we need to get the records straight. Moreover, Jesus has enlightened us to stop worrying about tomorrow, and leave tomorrow to worry about the things of itself (Matthew 6:34).

The Hype and Fallacies of a New Year

A lot of superstitions have been created with regards to the New Year. I mean, look at my scenario above, it wasn’t until one crossover night that I decided not to go to church and stayed at home all through, that I realised I had been living in fear of nothing all my life. There was also this belief about the actual prayer sessions that night, as though those prayers were what would judge the outcome of our lives for the rest of the year. It was then I started noticing that other people celebrated their crossover at night clubs, bars, street carnivals, and other forms of parties. I then noticed that some of those people still ended up much better off at the end of the year than we that were going to church. Ironic isn’t it?


I began to do away with these superstitions and started to pay attention to my life and actions and the corresponding results they produced all through the year. I also started to study those around me, their approach towards the New Year, their resolutions, fallacies and hypocrisies, and how quickly they gave up the whole New Year act. These would be further discussed below.

New Year Resolutions and their Hypocrisies

New Year ResolutionsI must confess, I was one of the greatest hypocrites then. I would engage in so many bad things especially when I knew it was the last day of the year. My philosophy was that it was going to be a New Year, which meant old things were passed away. So I would try to commit all the possible sins within my reach before it was time for the crossover service, after which old things were passed away. Now I’m like “Godsplan! Come on! Seriously?” Then there was the aspect of New Year resolutions, one of which was also linked to not committing the sins I just committed a few hours ago (the previous year), throughout the new year. Then I’m like “You’ve got to be kidding me right?”

So many people still fall into the same trap every blessed year and end up missing out on the beautiful things God has to offer as usual. We end up forgetting that it is by the grace of God. We end up ignoring the role of the Holy Spirit to guide us all through. We end up ignoring the things that really matter in Christ and are caught up in the hype of the New Year. We think it is by going to church that crossover night and making all the declarations in this world. Come on! The wickedness among Christians and in the church all through the year should hint us that it is not by that. As my Facebook status for the New Year, I testified about the grace of God upon me to forgive and not enter into 2016 with a single grudge; and I admonished us to continue to walk in love and forgive one another. So many people crossed into 2016 with grudges and hatred (I speak based on personal experience) and you would just wonder, “Didn’t these people just spend hours in church?” This is because there is nothing new about a New Year. They are the very same people who are just alive to see another day.


We also think it is by writing down resolutions that can make up a book. We think it is by being sober all through that night and reflecting on the year we are about to leave behind. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in doing any of these things, but it is dangerous when we miss the point. That is why many people write down New Year resolutions and only a few end up realizing them, if not one or two.

The New Life Resolution (NLR) Theory

On New Year’s Day 2014, I published an article titled “New Year Resolutions: Don’t Deceive Yourself” My stance hasn’t changed at all, and I am still reaping bountifully from the principles in that article. There, I propose what I call a New Life Resolution (NLR) theory, which has to do with having a vision for life and having an everlasting stance based on the scriptures, as against New Year Resolutions which are mostly bound to fail. It is not as if I don’t have things to achieve, but they are hence incorporated in my NLR. You will do well to read it; all you need is a click.

2015 in Retrospect

Although I haven’t officially shared any of the testimonies of 2015 with the world for a reason, it is important that the world knows that 2015 was an amazing and significant year for me. In the history of my life, 2015 was a year that I got the answer to every blessed request I made to God. I GOT ANSWERS TO ALL MY PRAYERS! ALL MY DECLARATIONS CAME TO PASS! I am not lying, I have no reason to lie, and I am not exaggerating. Despite all the attempts of the enemy, I got all I asked for. There was a secret recipe to achieving this, comprising of three (3) ingredients and I’m going to give it to you for free. These ingredients are based on Mark 11:23-26, summarised as follows:

See also  12-12-12

i.    Always speak positively no matter what (Ask God)
ii.    Always believe that there is power in your words and that they are established (Believe that you receive from God)
iii.    Always forgive and clear your mind of offences (Forgive others and you are good to go)

2016 in Prospect

Happy New YearIn 2015, I experienced the grace of God first hand quite alright, but from 2016 upward, God has given me a greater promise of the experience of His grace. I am now FULL OF HIS GRACE (John 1:14). As I meditated to know what my slogan for 2016 would be, I heard the voice of the Spirit within me saying “My year of enjoyment galore in the Lord”. No addition, no subtraction, that’s exactly what I heard. It seemed absurd at first, but then it made perfect sense. God has already finished the work for me, He has fought the battles for me, He has won those battles for me, and all His promises are established and everlasting upon my life, so what else? In continuance of 2015, and now full of His grace from 2016 upward, it is enjoyment galore in the Lord for me till infinity.


There is nothing new about the New Year, it is just a second away from last year. Stop falling into the same trap every blessed year. It is all about you.

Try out my New Life Resolution theory which is purely based on the scriptures, apply the secrets I shared with you and you will begin to see the scriptural blessings of God play out in your life that you will be like them that dream (Psalm 126:1).

Lastly, what really matters at the end of the day is that we continue to walk in love and forgive one another. There is nothing more important than love (John 13:35).



Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

Godsplan Uzoaga.

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